So, things didn't go exactly as she planned. Though you probably guessed that from the start - these kind of stories always start with "problems". This wasn't a problem, as such, more of an opportunity. Well, that was the bullshit Miss Lee had fed Genesis in an attempt to calm her.

"The only class I can switch to is higher PE?"

Genesis was practically raging. She'd only just managed to stop herself flying out her seat. She had no real reason to be so infuriated, but after her encounter (or rather, creepy stalker staring moment) with a certain PE teacher only moments ago, she felt it was somewhat justified, somewhere inside her fucked up mind.

Miss Lee smiled, the second sympathetic bullshit smile of the day. "I'm sorry, but all the other classes in those timeslots filled up before the summer. It's PE or Art, unless you swap some other classes about, but then again, I don't know how that'd work either."

Miss Lee rambled on about different options she had, though it turned out more and more that she had a distinct lack of options. PE. Fucking PE. Genesis was not interested in any form of physical activity (apart from sex). Her cardio-vascular system pretty much hated her, and her aim was sub-par. But you know, maybe Miss Lee had something to her claims. It was an opportunity. Yeah, an opportunity to find out just how shit she really was. Maybe if she was bad enough they'd just tell her to fuck it and have free periods instead. Then she could just recline in the back of the library, pretending to read but really just sleeping. After all, who even used free periods for revision?

"Fine," she said.

Miss Lee blinked, a silent, "what?"

"I'll do PE," she sighed, and scribbled over her timetable, scoring out "Art" and replacing it with "shit".

She flounced out of the office, and realised she better go tell the teacher she was joining the class. Ah, problem was, who was the teacher? Genesis grabbed the door just before it closed, sticking her head inside.

"Whose class is it?" she asked.

Miss Lee looked through her papers. "Mr Taylor's," she said finally. Then she smiled. "Genesis, keep him in line. He's not taught Higher in a few years and needs someone to keep him on his toes."

Genesis raised an eyebrow. "How am I meant to do that?"

Miss Lee shook her head, still smiling. Genesis had to note that this time the smile seemed genuine. "Just be yourself." Genesis still looked lost. "You're a handful."

Gen's mouth took the shape of an "O" and she left. Her mind was reeling. Mr Taylor, that wasn't too bad. He was known as a bit of an idiot, a bit of a dick, but people generally liked him. On the whole, he was alright. So why was a nagging part of her both rejoicing and groaning?

Oh fuck.

Her answer exited the library at that point, a pile of fresh photocopying in his hand. He saw Genesis and smiled. He turned and went to walk away from her. She blinked, and then realised if she just said something now it would probably save her a walk over to the other building where the PE department was situated.

"Mr Taylor," she called, and he turned. He had an inquisitive look on his face, one which any loser who was interested in 34 year old idiotic PE teacher would deem as utterly adorable. Genesis scowled at this thought, and his features transformed into a portrait of confusion.

"What's up, Genesis?"

She rearranged her face and tried to smile, totally uncreepy. (Totally creepy.) "Uhm, I just kind of uhh... changed into your class."

He blinked. "What? Now?"

"Yeah, just then."

"Oh, cool... Which class?"

Her smile turned a little more natural. "The one you should be teaching right now - your Higher class."

He nodded slowly. "Yeah, don't bother coming over. I hadn't sorted out all the course material yet so uhh... I just told everyone to come up to the library and do something productive." Then he sighed. "Looks like I'll be spending more time in the library." He waved the photocopying, and Genesis found herself blushing.

"Oh, sorry, sir."

He grinned. "No worries."

She followed him into the library, though deliberately threw herself down at a computer, one where she couldn't see the photocopier from. She knew this would be like the others, because this was how it usually started. She'd start noticing little things (like his jaw line), then she'd blush at something he'd say (like the fact he needs to do more photocopying, all because of her). Next came off hand flirting, most of it just being down right creepy. And if he reciprocated without thinking, well, God help him. Once Genesis became hooked on something, she dug her claws in deep and didn't let go until she got just what she wanted.

She wouldn't let that happen here. He was her teacher, for God's sake. She regularly spent her days telling Shannon why it was creepy to crush on teacher's, but she knew in her heart of hearts Shannon was never all that serious.

But this was bothering her. Pretty hard.


The End

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