Genesis Renewed (1)

1 In the beginning God created the universe and even a realm we now know as Earth,

 2 Before the Earth came to be as we have know it, the Spirit of God was at work in the Creation of all things, hovering over all that which was coming into being.

 3 God had said, "Let there be the energy of light," and there was light in the universe, the very flash of Creation. 4 God saw that the light was chased away the deep darkness and declared that this Light is something very good.  God set the Earth to spinning and thus God created a world of both light and darkness. 5  We have come to know the time of light as the day, and we have come to know the hours of darkness as night.   And thus began the sense of time on the Earth, there was evening, and there was morning—the first day.

 6 Then God created a life-giving atmosphere for the Earth, and in so doing, created a sky.  This sky separated the life on the Earth from the heavens beyond the atmosphere.   8 In each day, the sky appeared, each night, it seem to disappear.  And life continued, evening and morning, the next day.

 9 Then in time, God lifted the mountains higher and higher, leaving the waters in between.  The lifted parts we call the land, and the waters we call the seas.  And God saw that this Earth with its land and seas was something very good.

 11 There came a time when God brought life to earth, first the plants.  These plants were given the ability to reproduce themselves into new generations of themselves, the generations being both the same yet somehow slightly different.  Some of the plants began producing seeds and some became trees that produced fruit.   And God considered the life of plants and saw that this was something very good, this process of life. 13 And the evenings and the mornings kept coming.


The End

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