The Fourth Sage

Two brothers learn the mystery of Aura in Altia. What it is? Where it comes from? And how to manipulate it.

Part 1.

"Is this it?" Asked the younger brother, Reks. He approached the giant stone tablet and ran his skinny fingers through . "It looks like a regular old stone. There's nothing engraved on it." The brothers had heard the stories of the ancient stone tablet said to hold he true origins of Aura carved upon it. But now, as they stared into the actual stone tablet left by the precursors themselves, they saw nothing of the legends. It was just an old stone, a myth.

"It seems we have been deceived, little brother." The older sibling, Roy, said. "No one truly knows how Aura came to exist in our world."

"So the trials were all meaningless?" Reks asked, disappointed.

"Not meaningless." An old voice said from behind the siblings, echoing throughout the chamber. They both turned to meet its owner. An old man stood patiently by the entrance. And using a cane to support his right leg, he walked up to the tablet. "This stone tablet doesn't just show you the origins of Aura. It gives you all the answers about the Traveler. It is interesting, the things it shows you."

"Who are you, old man?" Roy asked. "Are you the Sage we were suppose to find at the end of the trials?"

The old man chuckled. "I have been many things in my years of life. A prophet, a king, a seer, a Traveler, and yes, even a sage. But I'd preferred to be called by the name I was given by my mother: Rayleigh."

"That's a cool name!" Reks said, excitedly. "Rayleigh."

"Thank you." Rayleigh said. "I suppose you two may have many questions regarding Aura. And I will answer them all to the best of my knowledge. But before that, let me tell you a history of our world and tell you why you are unable to read the words of the stone tablet. Come, lets get comfortable, this will be a long story."

"But first tell us why we can't read the tablet." Roy demanded. There seemed to be a deeper and curious intention hidden beneath the older boy's tone which Rayleigh noted but choose to ignored. He feared that the past might repeat itself, but it was out of his control The best he could do was make sure that his secrets are passed down through the generations.

The old man's eyes suddenly began to glow a greenish blue color which the siblings recognized it as the color of natural Aura. "You can not read the tablet and its secrets because you do not possess the eyes to see the colors of Aura. Only a Traveler, or those born with Luna's ancestral blood, possess such gift. Now, then," Rayleigh walked around the tablet and opened a hidden door which the siblings had mistaken for a wall when they first entered the chamber. "Follow me."

Rayleigh led the boys to a room containing many more stone tablets, all of which lined adjacent walls. It was like a museum of sort.

"What is this place?" Roy asked.

"This is hallway has all the answers you seek." Rayleigh explained. "It is a divine room built for those who will soon guard its secret."

"Tell us the story, sir Rayleigh." Reks said, excitedly. The young boy's eyes gleamed with curiosity and innosence. But in the older boy's eyes, Rayleigh saw something more. Something he still could not explain.

"Come, walk with me." Rayleigh nodded to the boy. "I'll tell it as we walk."

"Yey!" Reks jumped in excitement. 

"The first tablets speaks of Altia as it was before the precursors arrival..."

The End

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