To ConfessMature

Chapter eighteen


Jason removed his helmet and threw it to the side of the bed. He moaned in frustration and looked around for something to hit.  Finding nothing he just leaned back on the bed and glared at the ceiling.

That was Cassidy Bree.  He knew it.  It just had to be.  She was still human, he knew it, and judging by him seeing her on a high level, she was living in luxury.  More than likely an elite family had paid for the ungodly expensive operation to fix her leg.  He didn’t think of how she could have received the honor, it only made him hurt inside.

So now that he knew she was alive and well, he had to tell someone, so something, it just killed him to not be able to be with her.  But how could he find her?  Who could he tell?  Stephan.  His brother was a master of the elite and their ways, and has befriended a few drug addicted rich boys that owe him many of a favor.  If anyone could find their sister, it would be Stephan.  But Jason just truly dreaded having to go to him for help. After all, Stephan had tried to kill him twice today.

Jason shrugged that off and pushed himself off of the bed.  He looked around then walked to the door in a rush of excitement.  If he could only tell Stephan that there could be hope to find and rescue their sister, that she was alright, then maybe the two brothers could stop their fighting their rivalry and differences.

Jason stepped in the hallway and went straight to Stephan’s room.  He knocked once on the door and shoved it open.  Stephan looked up from his bed and stood up instantly.  He groped in his back pocket for his knife and held t out as the elder brother glared at Jason.  Jason ignored that and walked to just outside of striking distance.

“What the god damn hell do you want Jason?  Ready for me to finish you off?”  Stephan snarled and flipped his greasy long black hair back.

“Shut up Stephan, I wanted to tell you that I know where Cassidy Bree is.”Stephan dropped his knife in surprise.  He started at Jason, dumbfounded.

“What did you say?”  He whispered in a voice that sounded to Jason as almost scared.   Jason put his left hand on his brother’s shoulder.

“Our sister is alive.”

Stephan shoed Jason’s hand off, and Jason let it fall back to his side, but stared at his brother who squenched his eyes up tight to think.

“H... How do you know Jason?  Where is she?”  Stephan asked earnestly, his eyes still closed and his face obviously in deep thought.  Jason hesitated before responding, making Stephan open his eyes into slits of suspicion.

“Um, I saw her in the game.”  Stephan’s whole spirit seemed to shrink.

“So you lied.  Damn you Jason!  You should fucking know better than to believe everything that people say!  I mean, how did you meet her?  Did she tell you she was Cassidy Bree?”

“Um, no.  I was, er, battling her in the arena.”

“You were battling her?  Jason start making some sense here.”  Stephan’s gaze started to turn lethal and Jason could see him grinding his teeth in anger.

“Stephan, clam down!  Do not you think I know Cassidy Bree?  The avatar looked exactly like her. And her voice was almost identical, I know it is her.”  Stephan sighed and ran his hands through his hair.  He closed his eyes while he sighed, and when he opened them he glared at Jason.

“Then tell me what you know and you better hope for the sake of your ass that it is helpful and not just a load of bullshit.”  Jason rolled his eyes and took that as a cue to continue on with his story.

“Well, she is on level ten do I am assuming that she is living with an elite, possibly adopted or… married… into the family.”

“That it?”

“Stephan!  She is alive, and has her brain, otherwise how could she play?  Also, her nickname is Raven, if that helps.”  Stephan grunted and swung a hard punch at Jason.  Jason was knocked to the ground in surprise with a loud ‘oof’ and he grunted in pain as he gripped his injured arm.  “What the hell was that for?”

“For being an asshole.”  Stephan spat and sat back on his bed.  Jason cautiously stood up a distance away from Stephan as his brother spoke agitatedly.  “None of that is really helpful, an idiot could’ve found that out, and there is no guarantee any of it is genuinely true.”


“So, get the hell out of my room and quick giving me false information, and come back with something I can use.  Got it?”  Jason muttered and turned around and stalked out the door in frustration.  He turned around to glare back at Stephan, and slammed the door behind him.  Although, he did think he saw Stephan’s hands linger backwards to grasp the sleek virtual helmet.

Now in the hallway, Jason looked around stupidly, angry at Stephan’s reluctance and hostility towards Jason.  Finally deciding he had nothing better to do, Jason headed towards the kitchen.  He let his feet thud loudly on the hard wood floors, and he suddenly stooped just outside his mother’s room.

He heard sobbing on the inside.

Jason placed his ear against the door and knocked softly.  The sobbing stopped for a second and Jason heard his mother croak from within.

“Come in.”  She said very softly and Jason opened the door, his face hidden in the shadows so she could not recognize him.  When he stood up though, it was obvious that it was Jason, and not one of Amanda’s other children that stood in the doorway.  “Oh.”  She said tartly and looked away to hide her tears.  “What do you want?”  She snapped and Jason paused halfway in the door.

“Why were you crying?”  He asked, seemingly oblivious to her standoff-ishness.

“I was not crying.”

“Yes, you were, mom.”  Amanda budged slightly when Jason called her that, as he never did.  Jason finally moved and walked over to his mother’s bed and sat next to her.  She pretended he was not there.  As he took one of her hands, she glanced down but didn’t yank away.  He sat there quietly and she took in a deep shaky breath before speaking.

“I do not hate you.”  She whispered softly, much to Jason’s surprise.  “I am sorry if it seems like that sometimes.  It is just… You are so much like your father…”  That was the last thing Jason wanted to hear, and just the sJasolightest mention of his father made him angry and slightly apprehensive.  She continued.

“I am sorry you have never got to meet him.”

“I’ve never wanted to meet the bastard.”  She gave him the evil eye look ad he shut up.

“I’ve lied to you about him, Jason.  He is a very nice man, and had all the intentions of marrying me when I became pregnant.”

“Then why didn’t he?”  Jason snorted, avoiding her piercing gaze.

“Because, Jason, his parents stopped him.  They took him away from the city for weeks, months, made me believe he was dead.  Then after I had had you, he appeared again and tried to get back together with me.  I didn’t believe his story, I thought he had abandoned and used me, and we fought the worst ever that night.”  Jason listened silently, regarding what she said.

“He was hurt inside after that, and before long he married a wealthy rich girl and had her pregnant within a few months.  Soon his wife died in childbirth, and I felt sorry for him and went to visit him secretly.  At first he was mad to see me, but after a while he confessed to missing me and he told me that he still loved me.  And to tell you the truth, I believed him.  At the time I was dating Mark Keith, so I had to deny his offer of marriage, especially since his wife had just died and he should be grieving her.  We have been close friends since then, and he has always been very supportive of our family since.”

“Then how come he is never around?” Jason fired back and Amanda huffed in frustration.

“Jason, it is much more complicated than your hot headedness can understand.  As you grew up, the resemblance between you two grew more and more apparent, and I began to fear that his family would find out that you were his son and…”

“And what?”

“Take you away.  Grow you as one of them.  So that is why I pretended to hate you for so long.  That is why I have been so mean to you, Jason you have to understand.  I love you and your father very much.”  Jason knew it was true because he could see it in her eyes.  “When you were about five, they figured out the connection, and they wanted to put me in as most hell as they possibly could.  Taking you away would have done that, because you are his son, and they knew how much I loved you.  When they observed me with you, though, they noticed how much pain it put me through to just be around you, so they let you stay.  Honey it has killed me inside to be so mean to you, but I love you.”  She put a hand on his face and rubbed it gently, and wiped away the lone, silent tear that lit his face in the gloom.

“I love you Jason.  I have always loved you the most.  You care for your family, and have always tried so hard for my affection, unlike Stephan.  I think that is why he hates you so much dear, because he knows that I do love you, more than him or Cory or Megan Reye.  Because you are his son, and you are so much like him.”  She moved his head closer to her chest and she rubbed his head gently, murmuring soothing words.  “Please forgive me Jason.  I am so sorry, and I wish it didn’t have to be that way.”

Jason sighed and closed his eyes.  “What is his name?”  He whispered against her shoulder.  His mother hesitated but told him.

“Joshua Ravenhearst.  He lives in the great city”

The End

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