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Chapter Seven


His eyes opened to the glare of dimmed florescent lights gleaming through the red tinted visor of his game helmet.  He was slouched over in his chair, and had obviously fallen asleep.  So that is what happens while you play.  He also wondered how the time was managed; it felt like he had been playing for hours in the game.  Jason stood up slightly stiffly and groaned in surprise as he felt sores and aches along his body, though he saw no marks on his skin.

He pressed the release button on the helmet, and the smart foam deflated, and then he removed the helmet and set it on the chair which he had been previously sitting, and sleeping, in.  He noticed that his computer had shut itself off and shrugged, guessing that it probably did so when he logged out of the game, it was no important matter to him.

Glancing around, Jason rested his eyes finally on his watch, which showed the time 18:35.  Holy Shit! Even though he had been Genesis Alpha playing for seemingly hours in the game, it turned out to only be about ten minutes in actuality.  That was absolutely incredible!  Jason reminded himself to look that up, for it made him curious to the ways of the mind.

He looked up from his watch and stretched his body again, reaching down to bend to his toes, then extending his arms to remove any stiffness.  That was another thing he wondered.  How come he was so sore, so stiff, just like he had actually been fighting like in the game.  Not to mention the fact that he was hungry.  He was starving, and he realized as his stomach did some kind of acrobatic flip and let out a deep menacing growl at him.

But those questions could wait.  Jason walked to his door and opened it, letting light spill into his room and the babble of voices down the hall travel to them.  Jason leaned forward and followed them, along with the scent of fresh food.

Jason’s feet clomped loudly down the hall and he paused at the edge f the kitchen.  A loaf of bread had been set on the island counter, and Corey and Stephen were sitting at it, Corey with his nose in his bowl of food and his mouth running as he talked, Stephan’s back facing Jason.  Carrie was on the other side of the island, her glossy ebony pigtails bouncing up and down as she helped her mother cook, though she could barely see over the top of the counter.  Beside her was Jason’s mother.

Tall and curvy, Amanda was a very pleasant woman of her age of thirty nine.  She had gentle curvy hair that fell just below her shoulder blades.  She had a nicely tanned skin, and gently defined muscles that made her appearance practical yet attracting.  Although, that description quickly became invalid at a glance of her face.  Years of stress and grief had aged her once pleasant face, giving her wrinkles and bags around her eyes.  Her eyes were a soft grey, that, along with her hair, was and attribute that had been gladly inherited by four of her six children, Jason and Cassidy Bree the only exceptions.  Reflected in her eyes were sadness.  Sadness, anger, mistrust, and that over all blank feeling, like the personality she once had was gone.

Amanda pretended not to notice Jason as he walked in.  Her eyes scanned over him as if he were empty air and she moved naturally to continue her work.  Anger had just started to bubble inside of him when Carrie noticed her elder brother.

“Jason!” she squealed with delight and set her mixing bowl back on the counter and rushed around the island countertop to her brother, her arms extended.  Jason bent down slightly to catch her, and when she met him in a great, embracing hug, he lifted his younger nine year old sister into the air with ease and she laughed admirably.  “Jason!” she giggled as he twirled her.  “What are you doing?”  He smiled and set her back on the ground, where she leaned forward and wrapped her arms around him.  He patted her back and she leaned against him, her head resting itself slightly above his right hip bone.

“Hey Carrie.”  Jason said softly and began to toss her pigtails around.  “How was your day?”  As always, her eyes lit up when he talked to her.  Carrie absolutely adored her elder brother, but was too young to notice his retreated and cautious tone and manor he acted and spoke in.

“It was absolutely wonderful!”  She exclaimed.  “Today, at My Schooling, we learned about the old culture of the twentieth and twenty first centuries!  We learned about animals, their sports, and things called rodeos!  Do you know what that is?  I do!  It is where Cowboys and Cowgirls ride horses, which are big strong and fast animals, and compete with tricks and stuff!”  Jason smiled and rubbed her head.

“That is great sweetie.”  He said and she let go of him, her eyes wide and excited.

“I know!  I just love rodeos now, and our teacher told us that soon we get to do a project about them!  I think it will be really fun, and wish I could ride horses like Cowgirls use to do!  Oh, Jason!” she exclaimed it all in a rush, barely taking a breath before she continued without waiting for Jason to say ‘What?’ “I even made my username after them, It is xxCowgirlxx18.”  She said it like this: ex ex Cow girl ex ex eighteen.  “My master is a really nice girl called Vixen, and she gave me my first nickname!  She simply calls me cowgirl, and said it was a really cute name!  So what about you Jason?  What is your name?  Do you like your master?  Are you An elf or a Human?  I am an elf!  And I am so tall Jason!”

The questions just kept going on and on, and it was a few seconds before Carrie realized that she was talking too much that Jason could not answer her questions even if he had wanted too, although he truthfully did not.  He loved Carrie and all, but she was just too young for him to get really close too, and plus Stephan was extremely jealous of Carrie’s adoration, and Jason did not want to fuel the fire of their hatred, although nothing he did seemed to help dim it either.  Speaking of Stephan….

“Oh yes Jason, why do not you tell us all about you?  What color underwear are you wearing today?  How many rules have you broken?  How did you manage to brainwash your little sister?”  Stephan had turned around and was glaring at Jason, his arms crossed over his broad chest, and his hair hanging over his face in ringlets.

Stephan had murky black hair that he let grow down to the nape of his neck.  He had rather lengthy bangs that often shaded his eyes, and contrasted with his extremely pale skin and blended with his grey eyes.  Over all he had a gaunt and slightly creepy look to him, though he was not ugly or very impressive either, just a normal, but still slightly creepy, face.  Right now his face was twisted in a kind of scowl that made him look like he was in pain, and Jason had to bite his tongue to stop from laughing.

An awkward silence stretched in the room, and the Cory spoke from next to Stephan.  “Hi Jason!”

Jason smiled at his youngest sibling and waved at him, then walked over to Stephan and proceeded to ignore his presence, though he still thought about shoving him out of his seat and giving him a few punches for the way he kept acting like a damn bastard.  Jason, being the good boy, just reach over and split the bread in a few pieces, then popped some in his mouth.  He leaned forward against the counter for support, and felt Stephan stand up and walk stiffly away.  He was just wondering where he was going to go, when Jason heard the front door open, then slam loudly shut.

The twins paused for a second, then began to talk to their mother about random things.  Such as food, the game, Schooling, the game, dreams, the game, the weather, the game, and so on it went.  Jason continued to eat absent mindedly, his eyes closed as he relived his time playing the game, and wishing he could be back there.  First he wanted to ask Nox a few questions, then he wanted to beat him in a sword duel, and then, possibly, he would be ready to go on his first quest.

Just the word quest made him smile and shiver with anticipation.  The two had looked at a few options, all first time quests that had been ‘delivered’ to Jason by word of mouth, a few travelers that had approached him with proposed missions.  So far he had accepted none, although him and Nox had both agreed on that when Jason was strong enough he would do well to go on a quest entitled “The Pistachio Tree.”

The quest was delivered by a pale human girl, with short red hair put into a bun.  Her username was Wings-of-Eagles, and there was something about her that seemed familiar to Jason…  Anyway, they called her Wings and Jason added her to his friends list so he could contact her later.  The quest itself was very simple.  In the desert land there is a huge, wise, old tree called the Pistachio Tree.  Supposedly there was a really great player that was tricked by someone, and was turned into a tree.  Because it is in the desert, Jason has to find it and water it so it does not die.  In reward he gets anywhere between two thousand to fifty thousand flechs, possibly hidden weapons, some wise words from the tree, and quite a few experience points.

Jason’s hand waved through empty air, and he nearly jumped as his watch gave out a quick chime to tell the passing of the hour.  He looked at the now empty bread plate, and then to his watch.  He frowned as he realized that though it was now 19:00, neither Stephan or Megan Reye were home.  He looked around and noticed that Cory and Carrie had both long since given up on talking to Their mother, and were now wrestling with one another on the floor.

He also noticed by looking through the strengthened windows that made up the wall of the left side of the kitchen that it was raining pretty hard outside.  My god that looks bad.  He thought, and began to worry about Megan Reye and Stephan.  That was no weather for anyone to be out in.  Jason strengthened his back and spoke to his brother, sister, and mom.  “Cory, Carrie, be careful and do not break anything.  Love you mom, I will be in the Greeting room.”

His mother, Amanda, made a  grunting noise that could have been taken for a response, had Jason been an optimistic person.  Cory and Carrie chorused in “I will Jason.” And resumed their play.  Jason walked from the kitchen and down the hall a little more to where he entered the greeting room.  It was the largest room in the house, thought it was not very large at all.  I was just big enough to fit them all in and maybe a guest or two.  There were two lounge chairs, a fancy setae for two, and two large sofas, both next to each other but separated enough that a fireplace could be seen through them and on the wall.

But none of that was why Jason had gone in here.  He laid down on the couch farthest from the doorway, and propped his head on top of a pile of two or three pillows.  From that vantage point, Jason had a clear view of the door.  He was not the worry type, he knew Megan Reye could fend for herself and be home before the curfew of 21:00, and he really did not care if Stephan got into trouble or not… but he just had a bad vibe at the moment.  Like something was happening, or would happen, that would affect all of them badly and he needed to keep watch.  So he did.  At least, for the first five or so minutes.  By then he had begun to get sleepy, the freshly baked bread he had eaten, the mental and physical exhaustion from the day started to kick in and he fell slowly and hard into the deep recesses of sleep.



{Personal Log Quota: #25, User: xxCowgirlxx18 –summarized-}

Something felt wrong with Jason today.  I do not know what it is, or if I am suppose to use this thing, but I like it as my diary.  So, Dear Personal Log, Stephan scares me.  I heard him yelling at Jason, and arguing with someone, I think it Was Megan Reye.  Why is everyone acting so strange?  Is it because they are working too hard?  I also do not understand why no one tells me things.  They think I will not understand, but the only reason I do not is because they do not tell me.  Love Carrie.

{end of entry}

The End

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