A taste of freedomMature

Chapter Six


Jason was sitting down on some kind of couch thing next to the fire.  He shifted and rubbed his aching muscles on his arms.  Jason had already gained one level while training with Nox, and his avatar bore the bruises of it.  After they entered the bas, Nox took it upon himself to rapidly go over the minor things.  Like how to access your personal log.  Nox said that it was always in your best interest to put any notes you had or tricks you found in there, as to protect them so you could not forget.

After that they went over the health, stamina, and energy meters, which could all be found on your tracker.  Each player had a tracker attached to the left side of their outfit.  It was usually some kind of meter clipped on a pocket that had five different buttons.  The first was green, if you pressed it, it brought up a translucent and holographic screen that only you could see, and it gave you your personal log and all of its options.  The second button was blue.  That was the health meter, if you pressed it a little bar with your username, level, and health percentage.  The next button was red, it was the stamina meter.  The fourth one was yellow, and it was the energy meter.  Both did the same thing as the health meter.

The last one was a black little button below the rest of them.  That was your level and quest monitor.  When it was pressed, your level bar came up, with a percentage display on how many experience points you had and still needed to upgrade yourself to the next level.  It also brought up a translucent holographic screen that displayed your current quests, missions, and item storage area.  It also gave you your rating, telling you if you were Good or Evil.  Right now Jason’s said: Good 2%. Neutral 98%. Evil 0%.  Apparently this changed with your actions.  The more good things you did and ‘good’ quests you completed, the more your percentage would be good.  It was also the same for evil, the more evil things you did and evil quests you completed, the more evil your percentage would be.  Neutral was for those who did an equal amount of good and evil

Your health, Stamina, and Energy all depended on what you did.  There more activities you did, like running, fighting, and climbing, needed you to use up your energy and stamina.  Each activity used a certain amount of each depending on how hard you had to work at it and for how long.  If you do too much stuff your meters will go really low, and the only way to refill your energy is to eat, and your stamina is to rest.  Your health was affected when you are attacked by another thing.  Your health is absolutely essential to playing the game, if you lost all of your health, then you would lose one of your three lives.  When you lose all three of your lives, you can never play the game again.  Ever.  The iris scan would recognize you no matter which helmet you used, and it would then kick you off.

The next thing Jason and Nox went over was weapons.  This, of course, spiked Jason’s interest.  “How come you have a sword and I do not?” was the first thing he asked, almost directly after Nox had mentioned ‘weapons.’

“Because,” Nox had snorted contemptuously, “I am on level thirteen and you have just joined. You have to earn or buy your weapons, they aren’t just given to you.”  So from there he began to explain to his apprentice how it worked.

Each race was able to obtain a certain type of weapon.  Elves, because of their traditional and magical lives, could only use traditional weapons such as swords and bow and arrows.  Humans, being the more technological race, could use anything from a sword to a modern twenty third century machine gun.  Jason thought it had something to do with the fact that elves had so much better attributes that it at least leveled it out.  Half elves and half humans could use the magical elven weapons, but they were never as strong as the full elves’, and they could use human weapons, but none of the most modern, the things they acquired were usually from the twenty first century.

So, Nox took Jason to his small armory, and sold a rather blunt short sword to Jason at a ‘discount price’ of fifty Flechs, which were little silver coins that represented money.  Jason was not even aware he had any, but found a pouch of about two hundred in his pocket.  Nox had said that he would have originally taken Jason to the bazaar, the marketplace for all players, but he said it would have to wait until tomorrow since the snow had long since picked up and turned itself into a wild, raging blizzard.

Instead, Nox and Jason started to practice fighting, Nox teaching Jason how to wield a sword at different opponents, and using him almost like a punching bag. It took a long time, and a considerable loss of health points, for Jason to start to master his weapon.  At about that time Nox had called quits and sent Jason back to his home base.

The Home base is where you will appear each time you log in, it is the place where you store things, such as weapons, food, and trophies.  Jason had asked when he would get his own base.  That made Nox laugh.  “Your own base?  Well when you reach level ten.  Until then you have to share mine with me.  And do not you worry, I hate having you so close also.  Now, for the rules, touch nothing unless it is yours.  You have to ask to use the food, and I will expect a share of your Flechs that you earn when you complete quests an at least one decent item…”  And so it had gone on.

And all of that left Jason where he was right now.  He was lying on the couch, listening to the crackling of the fire and staring at the very realistic wood ceiling of the computer generated home.  He was slowly drifting off into sleep, which he would awake from to be in the real world.  Nox had already left to ‘his’ quarters and was probably back at his real home, wherever that may be.  It is all just so real… That was Jason’s final thoughts before he closed his eyes to deep blackness and felt an oddly reassuring rush of cool wind across his skin.

The End

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