Chapter Four


“Voice Command: Fill Blank Space for “Desired Username”.  Entry: Avenged Thief. Spelling Specification: Avenged, a capitalized, underscore, Thief, t capitalized. End Command.”  Jason ended the voice command with a suppressed laugh.  He just loved doing that, no matter how many times he had used a computer voice command, since he was five actually, it never, never got old.  After he ended the command, the previously empty space was filled with his chosen name, Avenged_Thief.

After the Username was created, the screen blinked twice, and then flipped over to (obviously) part two of the new account section.  There was a short little message that popped up, and it read as follows:

 “Genesis Alpha is a Virtual Reality, creation, and stimulation game.  In order for an account to be made with this game, you must follow these simple three rules.

1.)    Only one character allowed per player.

2.)    No cheats are to be used in playing the game or to unlock special abilities.

3.)    You have three lives.  They can be lost in game play, or by breaking of the rules.  If you lose all three lives, you are no longer allowed to play in any way and you may not create a new character.

To preserve the condition of these rules, the game is played and stimulated by our specialized Nano – Brain helmet that will scan the iris of your eye whenever you wish to log in.  The helmet will also measure your intents, as to prevent any cheats.  Remember to follow your three rules, and have fun playing the game.  The Next step will be your first iris scan, then a guide to help you in making your avatar. { Use Voice Command ‘Continue’ when ready to move on }”

Jason read through it dutifully, and spent several moments trying to commit the rules to memory. He was not very sure at about how often they would be displayed, and he certainly did not want to forget them and make a mistake on them, therefore causing him to have a chance to not play.  Although, they were rather strait forward rules, and Jason had no trouble memorizing them.  When he thought he was ready, he gave the voice command for him to move on.

The screen shifted and turned all black, save for a white dot the size of his thumb directly in the center of the screen.  Below it flashed some instructions.  “Do not blink, scan begins in 3… 2… 1… Thank you!”  After that the screen was wiped clean and Jason waited, unsure if he was suppose to give a voice command again.  It just seemed so dark and dense inside the helmet, and that denseness sent a chill onto his skin.

“Proceed...?” he said, and immediately afterwards the visor’s hologram glass lit up again.  On it this time was the title: Create your Avatar.  Below that was a yes or no question. Are you a Male or Female. “Male.” Jason said, and the page moved onto the next question, but this time, next to the question was an avatar.  Choose your Race.  Human, Elf, or half human and half elf?

That was a little harder.  Jason Looked at the three outline possibilities.  It was hard for him to choose.  Mainly because he had never heard of elves.  Maybe they were in a story he heard as a child, but that was forever ago, and since then he had never encountered the fictional race.  “Retrieve information on entry two, Elf.”  A side browser window popped open and pulled up his requested information.

The elf race is a fictional human derivative primarily found in the medieval or ‘middle earth’ time period.  They look mostly like humans, save for the average height difference (six and a half foot as compared to the human’s five foot eight inches) and the pointed ear tips that are distinct for the race.  Elves are said to be protectors of peace and nature.  They are gifted with magical abilities that allow them to create, and train the race with, superior weapons in war and magical ailments that are said to cure those even a blink from death.  They are said to have considerable strength and power, and to be very wise.  Elves, though, are very secretive and tend to live or operate alone.  Because of that, they are easily corruptible, and almost always have to follow a leader of one form or another.”

As Jason finished up reading the passage, he hmmed to himself, thinking about it.  If that was the personality of the elves in the game, then it would be logical that the humans would be the complete opposite.  He liked the elves, in some ways.  The Magic, the wisdom, and the strength were all good qualities, but the corruption… that gave Jason bad vibes.  It reminded him mainly of Stephan… and that sounded exactly like the race that Stephan would have chosen.  And, Jason wanted nothing at all to do with Stephan. After all, he did absolutely despise his brother to his rotten core because of the way they always had to compete, and his own mother favored his older brother.  No.  An Elf would not be his choice.  A human might be a better one, but then Jason remembered how much more… super… the elves seemed than the humans, if he ever had to go into combat with an elf, he would undoubtedly lose.  So why not go somewhere in between?  Get the best of both races with the Half Elf and Half human.

“Half Human and Half Elf.”  As he spoke, the highlighted body dilated and grew larger, the shading falling away so the features could be clearly seen.  A random generator had given his an assortment of object that it obviously thought was a face.  After a few minutes of Jason compulsively switching things around, the eye size, the nose shape and position, the width of the mouth that, the shape of the head, the approximate skin tone (a little side note said that it would change with the exposure of your avatar to the sun) and finally paused when it came to decide on the eye color.

“Grey Green.”  He said rather decisively.  It was closest to his own eye color, and he saw nothing wrong with modeling his avatar after himself.  Next he moved to the hair.  The last and final thing before his avatar was finished.  He dreaded it, because he did not want to make it brown, other players might think that he is full of himself, but without his hair color, what would he use?  He cropped the hairstyle, just to stall and to give him a few more seconds of the precious and pleasure filled time he had left.  “Hair color change to black.”  The game did as he commanded, then it zoomed out so Jason could examine the completed thing.

He took in a breath and nodded.  “Proceed.” He stated loudly, approving of his avatar.  The Visor’s hologram glass blinked black, then five different pictures appeared on it, over a screen of black.  Yet another question asked Jason “What theme do you want “Avenged_Thief”’s base to be located on?”  A caption popped up below each picture and Jason read through them in his head.

The Desert.  The picture was of a brilliant blue sky, an oasis in the distance, animal tracks in the sand, and dunes that blanketed the entire picture.

The Tundra.  There was a large, nearly deserted city encased in falling drifts of snow.  Clouds peppered the sky majestically and on the horizon mountain rose to scrape gouges into the clouds, and glaciers nestled themselves comfortably between the rising peaks.  The distance between the city and mountains was covered in shrubs and sparse undergrowth and grass.  Nearly no water liquid was visible.

The Forest.  This picture was all, completely, green.  Trees and vines and bushes and thorns all fought for space in the image, and only distantly could a very worn path be seen through it all.  Near the right bottom corner, a bush was tinged a vibrant crimson color, the scarlet drops of blood disrupting the color in the scene.  A shadow hovered above it, and with it were the not too subtle suggestions of fangs and claws.

Under The Water.  A whole city was encased upon the ocean floor, individual buildings and walkways were covered with bauble like coverings that glowed a vibrant orange.  Exotic fish moved around the scene, and it appeared there was a sunken pirate ship poking its nose in the far left, so far it was almost escapable from the eye.

The Ruins.  Note: no Humans allowed.  Here, the picture was looking up at an angle to the sky.  The sky was bleak, grey, black and cloudy.  Debris blew on the winds, and the tall buildings, the computers, everything was rundown, broken, patchy, unused, abandoned…. Plain empty.  That was, at first glance.  The picture would scare anyone other than Jason, who was not afraid of death and anger, but instead feared for his family.  The image, at it is strange angle, caught the shadow of a falling body in the left hand top corner.  It was the shape of a human, but the clothes could be seen as tattered and hung on the body limply, as if the creature under it was only skin and bones.  The glare of the light caught the face of the creature, and Jason scrunched up his eyes together to study it.  The skin had a deep, ashy pallor color that spoke of death… and it gave Jason the overall resemblance of a zombie.  That thought was confirmed almost immediately once he realized that the zombie had its lips sewn together in the forever pledge to live a life of hunger, the life of death, and the life of revenge.

“What theme do you want “Avenged_Thief”’s base to be located on?”  Jason looked back to the question again, and at each of the theme pictures, and chose slowly and carefully.  “The Tundra.”  It took a moment, then the screen blinked out black and Jason felt a sudden rush of cool wind sweep across his skin, but not before he was able to glance at the time at the very bottom right hand corner of the visor’s window.  It read 18:25.



{Personal Log Quota: #34, User: GhostNox84337 –filtered-}

I do not want an apprentice.  I appreciate the extra experience points and all,  but I do not want someone to teach and be responsible for.  I will be glad when this Avenged_Thief gets himself killed or gets out of my house.  I am on level fifteen, and my goal is to get to level thirty seven first.

Out in the bazaar I heard a rumor that the first person to reach that level wins a prize in the other world.  Man, I could do with some money and respect.  Good luck to this stupid newbie, he is it not getting any help from me at reaching that level, I have to look out for myself.

{end of entry}

The End

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