Chapter Two


Skylar at the head, he pushed many commoners around himself and Jason as he carved a path to the announcement board.  A buzz of angry voices rose like mist from the swarm.  As Skylar hacked himself a path, Jason was quiet, following with an absent mind listening to the tidbits of noise that he was able to successfully decipher from the gabble of talking people.

“Did you read that?” most of the voices hissed in low voices.  “I did but I still do not believe it!  It is just not normal for them to do.”  Ah, so it was them, not just a commoner riot or prank, but the Unified Government had come up with a scheme that rallied them all up.

Jason had been moving with the flow behind Skylar.  In fact, his eyes were partly closed as he listened intently to everything, so he did not see the little girl in front of him.  The only clue that he had stepped on her foot and knocked her down was her screech.  “Ouch!  That was my foot!”  It cut through his thoughts and his eyes flew open.  He instinctively turned and crouched slightly, looking for his assailment, only to have his eyes rest on the poor defenseless girl.

“Oh.”  He said and stashed his blade before the metal gleam of it caught the light.  “I am sorry miss.” He said softly and bent over to help the little girl up.  She was not much younger than he, he realized as his arms took a hold of her soft and silken skin.  She was pale, paler than most common girls, but freckles dotted her face in a mane of defiance and wild personality.  She appeared to be maybe fourteen to his sixteen.

The girl yanked her arm from his grasp and ‘Hmpf’ed at him before stalking away, her baggy pants dragging themselves through the dust for her.  Jason watched her go with little to mild interest, and turned away when she was not nearly 5 feet away.  Skylar called his name at the other side of a trench he had obviously made through the people. As Jason moved through that gaping trench, his eyes focused on Skylar’s face.  The rock of it, that which never showed emotions to anyone of any kind, was twisted into that of awe. Not just awe, disbelief, and the faint possible glimmer of hope.

Jason pushed himself forward faster and was at Skylar’s side immediately.  “What?” he asked. Not in a snappish way, but in a quiet, curious way.  Only then did his eyes catch the announcement screen.

Across the monitor, stretched so thin it was almost a hologram, were brilliant colors.  There was a deep maroon swirl that mixed with black, and had bolts of electrifying green snake and net across it, in sparks that all formed around the words of the announcement.

“Date: July Seventh of the year two thousand fifty nine. Message: The game known as Genesis Alpha recently had been decreed as mandatory for every home.  The Game has been dispatched to all households that have not ordered a system yet, whether it is commoners or elite. This delivery is free of charge and courtesy of The Unified Government of the United Earth Confederation.”  At the end of the ad, the screen when through screenshots and short clips of the game, previews released nearly seven months ago, along with the game.  But the commoners and poor folk had never seen the, for the game was usually reserved for the elite, the rich, the rulers of the city and bullies of the natural world.

The thought that there might be something wrong did not cross Jason’s mind.  He was staring at the screen, in awe and astonishment along with everyone else in the square.  Another announcement flashed on the monitor, one that sent nearly everyone back into their depressed reality.

“Chores for the week are as followed…”  A list began to form on pale blue screen, the words luminescent, and a droning voice that went on reading the names.  But after only a handful, which caused groans from the owners of those names, the screen flashed once to black and there was one last announcement.  “All remaining chores and jobs for the week have been nulled.  The Unified Government of the United Earth Confederation has allowed the common man the opportunity to take a leave.  Humanoids will be performing the chores, testing out the new body functions and recent training methods.  All weekly pay has been deposited to those required homes.”

That came as a shock to everyone.  There were gasps and muttering, disbelieving snorts and the whatnot, but since the announcement monitor had gone blank, the commoners began to accept that the announcements were not a hoax.  It took a few minutes of everyone looking at one another before the square suddenly emptied, save for Jason, Skylar, and a few other stragglers that tended to their own business.

Skylar nudged Jason apprehensively.  “Jason, Jason!”

“What?” Jason snarled, suddenly becoming frustrated at the fact that Skylar was still quite dumbfounded by the lucid announcement.

“Do you think it is true?” Skylar mumbled shyly, realizing how stupid of a question it was.

Jason hesitated before he responded, both to his and Skylar’s surprise.  “I suppose I do.”  He decided at last.  “But I think I want to head home and see for myself.”  Jason was not sure if he was talking about the weekly pay or the Game, Genesis Alpha.  Skylar had no clue either, but he agreed with his friend with a petulant nod.  “Right then!” Jason said after a thick and lengthy silence, “Let us go.”  They started off, walking at a slower than usual pace for them out of the square.

As they left, they made the commoner’s meeting square go completely empty.  They continued to walk slowly, neither one of the boys were very eager to reach their homes in bitter disappointment after all.  Jason was the first to notice the guy that had started running after them.

“You boys!” a voice called out, raspy and obviously belonging to an old, old person.  Skylar groaned as he recognized the voice a second after Jason had turned around.  Grudgingly he did so also, and behind them an old, old man was running.  The man literally wore rags as clothes, and in front of him, he pushed a crude old shopping cart.  It was not one of the newer models that floated and adjusted their size to the contents within; it was actually a 21st century model, made out of real crude metal, the kind that would rust and prove to be the downfall of its civilization.  Despite its obviously undependable nature, the cart had held up nicely over the last century and a half, which was surprising but not really important.  What was was the object inside the cart.

Skylar’s anger dissipated as he saw the large box, and he just stood there and stood at it in envy.  Jason registered Skylar’s reaction to the game box with mild disconcern, and he proceeded to talk to the homeless man.  “Hello George.” He said calmly.  “I see you have gotten your game.” He commented awkwardly, gesturing to the stocky box that took up nearly all the room in the cart, next to what appeared other rags and instant food pouches.

George was an old, homeless, hermit.  He had been working chores as a commoner his hole, and was probably as old as the shopping cart he pushed.  That was certainly when he last took a shower or cut his hair.  His silvery and greasy hair went down to his waist, clumped together in awkward braids and obviously unintentional dreadlocks.  Jason subconsciously ran his hand through his short cropped, mousy brown hair.

Unlike most common boys, including Skylar, who liked it ear length, Jason preferred his hair short to nonexistent.  It was brown, the color of his father’s, and the color of an elite’s.  Not the Pale blonde or raven deep black of a commoner.  It made Jason stand out, but when it was short no one seemed to pay attention to it as much.  Besides, long hair was a liability, it got in the way and hid your vision.

George’s face lit up in delight as Jason spoke to him.  “Oh yes!  The delivering humanoids were surprised that I had no computer of my own, so they contacted the commoner’s library to tell them to reserve a computer for me!  I am so excited about this, but, you know, I was surprised that the box was so heavy.”  He laughed uproariously.  The action stretched the leathery and freckled skin taut across his face, and it exposed his yellowed and often blackened teeth to the young boys.  “Well, have fun playing younglings, I am off to my library to start off and play.”  He smiled widely and did a little skip jump in the air before rolling his cart down a hill on Jason’s right, in the direction of the commoner’s library.

Skylar had long ago turned to watch Jason and George in their short conversation, and with the homeless hermit gone now, he cleared his throat.  “S’cuse me for saying this Jason, but I think I am gonna head off home now.”  Jason nodded with agreement.  “No problem Sky.” He shrugged and Skylar headed off in the direction to his home, it was North-west in direction, somewhere in the vicinity of Jason’s left.  Jason looked around, noting that he was fully alone now, and with a smile of eagerness, he started sprinting to his home.



{Personal Log Quota: #54, User: RapidistheRook17 –unedited-}

I would tell you a long epic story about how I found out there was something wrong, but right now I do not own the patience nor the time to make something up.  Here is the truth:  I know who did.  Who broke the system.  In fact I was there, I helped.  I thought it was fun, and I just let them have fun at first, and to tell the truth, I started the resistance out of boredom.

Now, though, I think it is serious.  And cruel.  The bottom line is this:

The game changed them at first, until they became one, and the time is very near when they can get all the power they want.  I just home it is not something too dramatic.

But I know them.

And it will be very, very dramatic when it happens.

{end of entry}

The End

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