Chapter 1

In the world of Shadow Mages, one mistake could cost you your life.

They were sacrificed at a young age, the strongest 18 year-olds out of every fifty families chosen and sent to the Dome, where they were trained.

They kept the power in check. Each of them was chained to a circular stone wall when their training was done, forced to be sacrifieced to help contain the magic. 

A whip snapped as the newest Recruit lunged forwards, trying ot stop one of the Guards from taking the body away. It was still chained to the wall, as it had been for the past two days.

His name had been Seik, and he had been the oldest of them all. He had made it to 32. A new record.

All of them wore simple black robes. That was all. The power fed off their bodies, leaving barely a skeleton behind. Skin was eaten away, bones were gnawed at with a ferocious hunger.

Mages often weren’t expected to exceed 28. Even 30 was a huge stretch.

In the centre of the room was a large onyx pillar, stretching up to infinity. It shone with an unearthly glow, almost radient.

And then it snapped.

Some strange force that had kept the magic trapped and caged snapped, and it bled away, weaving through cracks in the stone Wall and leaving the world that the Shadow Mages inhabited. 

The strange magic fled to the human Realm.

The End

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