Genesis a pharmaceutical company that makes cures for known and unknown diseases. When a cure goes wrong and destroys most of New York city Eben is the only one that knows how to fix it. When Eben goes on his journey he soon discovers secret about Genesis that should have never been discovered.



Chapter 1: In the end.

Rain rippled along the ground as death and darkness consumed it. Rain pouring down as if it was a force controlling how hard it rains. Orange with rippling red fire flames consumed the rocks and stones that laid all around the land. 

The head of the Statue of Liberty laid on the ground, cuts and dents indicated that there was a battle going on. The cuts n the head were long several feet long also indicating that the cuts came from an extremely huge creature. Paint from the metal was worn off due to scratches and dents that the head had suffer.

Blood stained the ground as if it was a carpet with stains upon it. Rain drops hit the blood and kept it from drying. The bod led a path to a man that was sitting upon the ground. The man was holding someone close to him, someone that was dear t him.

The man's face was wet with blood and rain, his hair drenched in blood and water that dripped from his hair and onto the face of the person he was holding.   

The body was a girl, her eyes shut tight along with her pinkish lips. Her body was cut in several spots leaving blood to do it's own business of flowing onto the ground. Her hair was red not by blood but also her hair was red. 

The man shot his eyes down at her, looking at her face in deep thought, Than he said, "Husband and wife... we were."

The End

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