Genesis Adams is a 17 year old girl who swears like a sailor, drinks until she passes out and has an unrelenting crush on her teacher. The problem is she's foolish enough to follow up on her feelings.

Genesis Adams was a 17 year old girl. She went to school most days and she achieved fairly good grades. She was in sixth year, her final year, and was taking Higher Maths, Higher Art and Advanced Higher Biology and a crash Higher in Physics. She smoked, quite often chain smoking through the majority of a pack if she felt so inclined. More often than not she pissed her friends off, but she always made an effort to make it up to them. In general, she tried her best to be a good person, but didn't always manage it. But that was mainly due to her alcohol abuse.

It was a warm Tuesday in August. School had just reconvened after the summer holidays and everyone was eager to meet and great with old friends, and the odd new kid who seemed to appear and then no one gave two shits about a few minutes later. Genesis didn't really give two shits about anyone. She perched on a bench in direct sunlight, threw her head back and groaned audibly. Another year of school until the rest of her life began...

"Oh come on, at least try to look happy about being back at school. At least it's not raining."

Genesis looked up, peering accusingly from behind her oversized, dark sunglasses. There was a girl standing in front of her, moderately tall with a messy shag of ginger hair tumbling over her shoulders. She wore glasses, though it looked more like a monocle thanks to the way her fringe fell, obscuring at least a third of her face. Her name was Shannon.

"You're a dick," Genesis replied, but shuffled over a little, silently inviting Shannon to join her.

She fell beside her dark haired friend. "What's with the sunglasses?"

Genesis shrugged.

"Miss me over the summer?"

Again, Genesis shrugged.

"God, you're a dick too, you know?"

"Fuck off, ginge'."

Shannon couldn't help but grin, and if you looked closely you would see Genesis' lips tug slightly, before regaining their composure. The bell rang and the pair got up, silently, and made their way towards the main building. They were sixth years, and therefore had the "privilege" of registering in the library, except the problem with that was it was unfeasibly small and could not really accommodate 60 or so rowdy "young adults", especially not ones so excitable after their summer of debauchery and sun burn.

Genesis threw herself into a low profile chair set at the back, by a window. Shannon followed her over, perching on the edge of a seat at the table nearest. A few others followed over, sending their greetings over at the unlikely pair of friends. Chatter started up, nonsense about where people went away to for a fortnight, how much someone drank in a night, the stupid mistakes someone else made, until their register teacher bounced in.

"Right, guys, settle down," Mr Rowan said.

"Ooft, check that out," Shannon whispered, kicking Genesis gently. Shannon grinned down at her friend, throwing her head towards the inexplicably tall Biology teacher, who was now calling the register. Genesis stared at him and after a long moment uttered a single word.


Shannon grimaced. "What're you talking about?"

"He's ew," Genesis sniffed.

Shannon shook her head. "I'd tap that."

"Please don't, it'd be creepy. He's your teacher."

"I know, right?"

"Seriously, Shannon, that's wrong. He's like, what, 36 or something?"

"True love is unconditional. It's not withheld by petty boundaries such as age or position," crooned Danielle, uninvited, may I add.

"Fuck you, Danielle."

The bell rang and the rest of the day commenced. People stalked off, following their new timetables and pretending to get lost, even though they'd started these goddamn classes before the summer, straight after their exams had finished. No rest for the wicked and all that lark. Genesis sighed and followed Shannon down the corridor to the Art department. She'd only taken the class because Shannon was, but she already hated it. The first four weeks before the summer had been hell, and the only thing she'd learnt was that she couldn't draw people to save herself. Or that's what her teacher told her, at least. Her "realistic sketches" weren't even pass worthy, apparently. She skewed every aspect of anatomy possible, elongating the faces, sharpening the features, and insisting everyone existed in a constant state of nakedness. Her teacher was not impressed.

"Genesis," he said, coming over and sitting next to her while Shannon went off to mix some paint. "I'm not sure if Higher Art is really the subject for you. Well, no, I mean, you've obviously got a uhm... a flair for art, but maybe you should drop down to Intermediate 2 this year instead?"

She stared blankly at him. He went to open his mouth, to speak again, but she just snorted. "Can I just drop the subject instead? I guess this isn't really my thing after all."

He smiled sympathetically. "Sure. Why don't you go speak to Miss Lee about it? She's in charge of timetables, right?"

With that, he got up and left and Genesis packed up her things and got up to leave. Shannon returned to the table and stared at her.

"Where are you going, Gen'?"

Genesis shrugged. "Depends what classes have space in them still."

"You're dropping Art? Bitch! You said we'd do this together!"

"Yeah, the difference is your work is up to par, and I'm shit bored here."

Shannon shrugged. "We'll still have Maths though, right? I don't think I could stand Mrs Thomas without you, Gen'."

Genesis smiled slightly. "I'm tempted to just leave you the-"

"Don't do that, Gen'!" she shouted back, pointing an accusing finger at her. "Don't fucking joke about that. I can't stand another year of her without back up. She was awful last year, I swear she's the reason I failed."

"Oh, go cry more, bitch, I've got a timetable to change." Genesis picked up her bag and then looked back at Shannon. "Girl, I'd never leave you. You're my ginge'."

She winked and left, feeling in slightly higher spirits than she was only half an hour ago (and not just because Shannon was now being told off for shouting and swearing in class). Dropping art was like a blessing in disguise: she got out of a class she had no interest in in the first place, and she'd end up, hopefully, somewhere where she cared enough to actually do the work.

Miss Lee's office was just past the library. Genesis poked her head in, noting the few sixth years doing fuck all. Free periods, huzzah! She dropped her bag, waved to Lewis on the computers and made her way towards the door, but something stopped her. She glanced over at the photocopier, and standing there was no one special, just one of the Physical Education teachers. Usually she wouldn't have even taken note of his existence, let alone his presence, but something made her stop in her tracks. As she stared at him, she felt something stir. He stood there, leaning nonchalantly against the wall, waiting for his photocopying to finish. His profile was visible, and Genesis couldn't help but note he had a nice jaw line.

Then she realised what sick thoughts she was having, mentally slapped herself and left, heading towards Miss Lee's office as fast as she could.

The End

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