The noise is incredible.

All I can hear is sirens, screaming and screaming, wailing of our dispair. The pulsing blue lights make my mind spin and I clutch Hannah's arm as she desperatley fights us a path through the crowds.

I stumble, and I recieve a swift kick on the back of my shins for my slow speed. "Move on!" Yells the police officer behind us, pushing me forwards. Hannah looks back, her eyes wild, willing me forwards.

We have to get out. Abuse is streaming in from every side, and the one officer assigned the undesirable job of escorting us to saftey is strugging with the shere weight of people.

It's not long before he is swallowed by the crowds, who press closer around Hannah and I.

I can almost see Jade, head sticking out of the drivers window of the van, blonde hair whipping against her face, only about a hundred metres away.

She is screaming at us. "Run! Run faster! Come on!"

As if I need to be told! If we stay here much longer, we're dead. Not literally, of course, because that's impossible. But being immortal doesn't mean you can't feel pain.

Someone grabs the hood of my jacket, and it rips off in their hand as I struggle forwards. It's hard to stay upright now, as the storm worsens and the sirens grow louder.

They're pounding inside my head, and I can't see, I can't concenrate.

The only thing I can feel is Hannah, pulling me onwards, towards saftey, towards the others.

The End

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