Aivah: A DreamMature

Donavan's animals had escaped from their cages and were circling over the train as it moved like vultures. Aivah was among them, on a griffon's back. As they circled the creatures spoke to one another in hissing whispers. The words were difficult to make out at first but as the dream continued it seemed to become a vicious chant calling for blood. Though Aivah didn't know who's. Suddenly the mob dove for the front of the train, falling so fast gravity held none of them, Aivah floated above her griffon's back, free falling with no wings of her own. Aivah sat bolt upright in her bunk, breathing hard.

Aivah ran down the train, passing the other circus-folk in their cars. Some partying, others sleeping, her dream meant something, she knew it, she had to find out what.
Pausing at a break between cars, Aivah leaned out of the window, looking towards the front of the train. The Engine spewed out a thick cloud of steam and smoke, tinted red by the coal fire that fed it. The large black locomotive chugged along at a speed that belayed the weight of the cars it pulled. The car nearest the engine was Sinestro's own. The train started to curve along it's tracks, allowing Aivah to see into the windows. Aivah couldn't see much, thick black curtains hung over the windows, blocking out light and Aivah's view.

Aivah looked back at the end of the train, the car she was in was starting along the curve, she saw clear to the section of the train that housed the animals. These cars had no side windows, rather slats on the top of the train opened up to the sky to let in light and air when the weather was nice.
A strange silhouette of a figure rose above one of them. Dissapearing before Aivah could see what it was. It had appeared human, but ethereal, not quite of this world. She went back in the train, running full pelt in the opposite direction, disturbing the people she had to pass twice, this time making no effort to stay quiet or out of the way. The train moving beneath her gave her extra speed, bringing her destination towards her as she moved towards it. The stable care was first. Aivah froze inside the car, the smell of fresh hay and horses hit her nose, propelled by the air flowing in from the open ceiling. The horses were calm, asleep in their stalls, it was peaceful. Aivah stroked each of their noses as she passed, trying to express her affection for each of them in the gesture. Then she went to the next car. The cold night air pulled at her as she stood on the balcony at the rear of the stable car, pulling herself across the car couplings to the next car. Aivah pulled on the door but it was sealed shut. She tried again, but the door didn't budge. She heard an unearthly scream that wasn't human and the door burst open. The animals lay in their cages, sleeping soundly. Aivah looked around to see what had made the sound. She wandered around peering into cages. The wyvern cage was in a darkened corner and Aivah came to it last, the small dragon was asleep, curled in on itself like a snake. It slept fitfully, twitching and stiff. It's head was resting on it's back. Looking back at Donavan, sleeping soundly on a cot apart for the cages, Aivah pushed open the wyverns cage and took it's large head in her hands. Dark green blood was seeping out of one of it's eye sockets, coating her hands. 

"What happened to you?" She whispered.

The End

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