Thanos: One Less Eye, One Less ProblemMature

Thanos stood atop the train, clothes unfazed by the oncoming onslaught of air. It was another of the things he liked about the human's realm. The wind was pleasant and seemed to ease the pain of Calling and Hunger. With the last year here, it would only become worse.

A smile nearly split Thanos' face in half.

"Ah, so close indeed..." he mused, voice lost to the wind's roar. "And it would seem we have problems to attend to."

A shadow appeared at Thanos' feet and he sank into the welcoming abyss. When light next blighted his eyes, he was in a cage. Nearby, the petty wyvern slept like the one he was linked to. With a wave, that connection was temporarily severed and the beast woke up.

'Benefactor,' the beast mumbled into Thanos' brain, waking from his slumber. 'How can I help you?'

"In a very simple manner, to be honest," Thanos replied, pulling a pair of throwing knives from his suit pocket. The leather-bound handle felt warm against his icy hands. "I wish to know what you've told you're 'master' about our contract. Care to elaborate, wyvern?"

The beast stared for a moment without blinking. The wyverns were proud, but they were not stupid. 'I only said the obvious, benefactor. That we were bound to you and, therefor, to him. Have I broken any parts of the contract?'

Thanos grinned slyly. "Of course not, though that means little." The demon stepped closer to the wyvern, bringing the beasts head within arms reach. "I still do not like my meals given any more knowledge than they need."

In one quick motion, Thanos brought the first throwing knife down, slicing the wyvern's eye nearly in two. The beast screamed, but due to the noise of the train and their master's sleep, none of the other creatures could even wake to acknowledge the roar of pain. Such a pity. For the petty wyvern, anyway.

The beast calmed down after a moment, not daring to move away from Thanos. 'My apologies... benefactor... It shall not happen again.'

Thanos smiled and threw the other knife between the wyvern's feet. "Luckily, your's is a race that has keen senses. The loss of an eye will do little to nothing to you or your performance. But let it be a reminder to you and any who ask what happened. Keloc'vos, wyvern."

The connection was returned to the beast tamer and the beast fell quickly back to sleep. Thanos almost gave the beast another scar, since the wyverns healed fast, but knew it wouldn't help his cause. No, one lost eye was enough. The beast was on the same level as that so-called General Sinestro.

Another shadow took Thanos to his next destination.

And his next problem.

The End

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