Des: DrinksMature

Des hadn't planned to spend all day in Jim's room, yet here she was.

Des never slept well, especially when they were traveling. So she stayed up most of the night, remembering how the show went and thinking of ways to make her act even better.

However, her mind refused to focus. It kept drifting back to practice and Jim showing her that cloth...

She shook her head and glanced out the window. She wished for the millionth time that her mother was still alive. She had known so much and Des just knew that her mother would be able to help her figure out these feelings that she didn't understand.

Des took a deep breath and got out of bed. She changed into some comfortable clothes and pulled her long hair up into a bun before going for a walk through the train. 

She had just grabbed a donut and some coffee when she ran into him.

A blush came to her cheeks when Jim smiled at her.

"Hi Des. Did you sleep well?"

Des shrugged. "Okay, I guess."

Jim nodded and they stood in silence for a bit. "So... are you busy?" he asked.

Des looked at him. "Not really." Her voice was soft, as usual.

Jim smiled again. "In that case, want to come by my room? We could just listen to some music and talk or something."

Des gave a soft smile and nodded. "That sounds great.'

Jim grinned. "Yeah? Okay, let's go!"

He led her back to his room and before long they were talking and laughing. Des was actually really enjoying herself. She was so glad that Jim had invited her.

Just when things were going great and they were settling into a comfortable place, the door opened. Des looked at who it was curiously.

"Drink?" She heard Seraphina murmur. 

When she was offered a glass, Des took it just to be polite. She'd never had alcohol before but she suddenly felt this need to fit in with Jim's friend, or at least be liked by her. So she took it and drank with no question.

And she drank the next one too. And the next one. And before she knew it, her head was swimming and she felt all bubbly and giddy inside. No wonder why Sera liked this stuff so much. She felt great! She talked and laughed way more than she usually did and found herself slowly drifting closer and closer to Jim...

The End

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