Sinestro: Always Darkest...Mature

The show had gone well, Sinestro thought to himself as he picked his way across the moonlit tracks towards his train car long after all the others had gone to bed. The new performer had done exactly what was expected of him, though Sinestro was disappointed that Thanos had taken his position to announce the boy in disguise, leaving Sinestro to peer through the curtains like everyone else. 

Such things were to be expected. The demon had many powers, and  already Sinestro could feel the pull, a dull ache inside him as if something were tearing away slowly. As if in response to his dark thoughts, Sinestro's shadow twisted in the moonlight, turning into the image of a gaunt skeleton, before resuming its normal shape. 

"Don't mess with me, Thanos." He muttered, reaching his car and pulling open the sliding door. Lighting the lamp, he sat down at his desk heavily, pulling out the massive calendar that detailed the Circus of Heaven's performance schedule, but the dates swam before his tired eyes, and he could not focus. Were they packing up tomorrow, or doing one more show?  It was probably best to get out of there as soon as possible, what with the newest member of the troupe joining on such short notice. Someone was going to notice his absence soon. Glancing at his pocket watch, he yawned and pulled out a large map of the country, tracing the dotted line of the route they took year after year. 

Ten years ago, he had sat at this same desk in a worn red coat, with sheets of figures and tallies, detailing how much money the circus was taking in, and how much it needed. Sinestro was a man who got far with very little, but the circus was slipping further and further into the red. Sinestro needed help, but he refused to ask it of his brother, Sebastian, who was dealing in unsavory business to keep his own circus afloat. His troupe was nearly starving, and they sometimes barely made it through an act without being booed out of the ring. Still, the map of the country had hung on the wall in Sinestro's office, and they followed the route dutifully, year after year, always managing to somehow make it to the next season. 

Resting his head on the map, too tired to keep going this day, Sinestro's final thought was I have ruined my own circus, before he fell into a dark, nightmare laced sleep.


Sinestro woke stiff and aching to the sound of the troupe loading the train before dawn the next morning. The stage-hands looked even more like they were already dead in the grey pre-dawn light. Still the calls from the different groups, keeping them organized cheered Sinestro a little bit, though that was dashed when he saw Thanos supervising the goings-on, a calm expression on his face. Scowling, Sinestro stepped onto the ground and sidled next to him. 

"I hope this new recruit of yours is worth my time," Sinestro grumped.

Thanos chucked mildly. "There's no need to worry yourself about time, he will last as long as the others. But the circus needed a little, excitement. What with acrobats that can never fall, and invincible clowns, we needed a little... hint of death in the air."

Sinestro frowned all the harder, and folded his arms, "I won't take responsibility for this."

"You won't need to," Thanos replied. "You'll be dead."

The End

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