Anya: BalanceMature

Sinestro's booming voice reappeared beneath me after the new knife thrower ran the back. "AND NOW, A WOMAN WHO WILL AMAZE YOU WITH HER GRAVITY DEFYING STUNTS! INTRODUCING THE GRACEFUL, THE FEARLESS, DARK ANGEL, ANYA!"

I took a deep breath, opened my tightly shut eyes and stepped out on to the ridiculously thin beam. The crowded roared. I spun on my toes, dancing in the spotlight and loving how my black and silver leotard glittered. I smiled to myself at the gasps from the people below. Feeling light as a feather, I slid to the middle of the beam. I could feel the crowd's rapt attention all on me. Oh how Sonya would have loved this....

Suddenly, the beam beneath me vanished. The crowd screamed.

Hands grabbed underneath my arms. They slowly pulled me up and began to swing me until I was able to reach my own swinging bar. I didn't know who my partner was and I didn't trust him because I didn't need to; I had my own version of a partner and they came with a security net. Well, sort of.

I went from my own suspension bar to my partner's grasp and another bar on the opposite side. My audience was hyped up beyond belief and screamed with delight.

My partner threw me past the suspension bar and as the crowd gasped, I reached out for the next set of arms in the darkness. They caught me easily and swung me hard enough to go back to the other acrobat and when it seemed like he would throw me back to the last acrobat, I grabbed my bar and went to reach for the second acrobat but pulled away at the last second. He roared with anger. I did the same to the first acrobat and he audibly growled. The audience tittered with laughter at my teasing.

Then I let go.

My long pale blonde hair somehow managed to escape my tight bun and got in my view as I tried to land on the reappeared beam that I started on. I slipped, all breath leaving me. My hand shot out at the last second with reflexes I don't usually have to grab it as the crowd screamed again. They soon erupted into cheers as I pulled myself on to the beam and bowed, cursing my poor balance tonight but thankful for the deal that has repeatedly saved my life.

The End

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