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Aivah crawled through the tunnel under the ring after her last act, heading back to the staging area. When she climbed out of the tunnel she saw the rest of the troupe gathered around the opening to the main ring, watching what was happening. She grabbed a blanket and flung it over her bare shoulders, covering up her costume and wormed her way through the crowd to see what was going on.

Sinestro stood in the center of the ring, a boy Aivah didn't recognize stood on one side of the ring next to a table, a stagehand girl was strapped to a target on the other side of the ring, there were tears in her eyes, Aivah could see the glitter of them clear against the pale makeup on her face.

As if he couldn't control himself, the boy walked to the table and lifted a thin bladed knife. He tossed it in his hand, catching and holding the knife by the tip. The look on his face was blank, hypnotic. Aivah felt the change more than saw it, as the boys arm raised to throw the knife, the boys face twisted terribly against the forced movement screaming silently against Thanos' power. The arm came down and he threw the blade.


The knife twisted through the air, catching the light, creating the perfect Act of misdirection. As the audience watched the blade, spinning as if in slow motion towards the girls chest the girl dropped into the tunnels, disappearing from sight. Her escape was aided by the thick fog that still swirled from Aivah's final act, raising even higher as to be around the boys waist. Sinestro stood in a clear circle, the fog avoiding him completely. It was more effective than a spotlight at drawing attention from the audience.
"AMAZING, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, SHE HAS DISAPPEARED!" Shocked gasps emitted from the audience as the knife hit the wooden target with a loud thud, no trace of the poor girl in sight. Scattered applause started in the wings, the rising to a roaring tumult as the audience rose to their feet.

The boy bowed jerkily and ran out of the ring, coming to a halt just outside the opening where the crowd had gathered. Sinestro was thanking the audience. His booming voice somehow cutting through the applause that still reigned.

Aivah stepped up to the boy and held out her hand.
"Welcome to Sinestro's Circus of Heaven. And who might you be?"

The End

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