Des: PurpleMature

Des couldn't get Jim out of her mind as she practiced. Or, the the cloth he'd showed her anyways. All those colors at once… she hadn't seen so many colors in years. Everything around here was red or black. She hated red and black. 

She'd grabbed the silk a little too loosely and slipped down a bit. She caught herself and was panting out of fear, her heart pounding. She figured it was time for a break. 

Des slowly sank to the ground and stood against the pole for a minute. Her eyes were closed and she fingered her precious silks, imagining for just one moment that they were purple. Bright, shiny purple that sparkled when the light hit it the right way…

Purple had been her favorite color before. 

Des finally took a breath and stepped away from the pole. She let the silks fall out of her hands slowly and headed to one of the smaller tents, where the snacks were kept. She stepped inside and opened the fridge, grabbing a bottle of water and some grapes. She smiled softly to herself when she realized that they were purple grapes. 

Des decided to go for a little walk as she ate her snack. Just holding the purple grapes put her in high spirits. She was smiling and even humming softly to herself as she walked around the circus grounds. She wasn't paying attention to where she was going and almost ran into someone. 

"Oh! I'm so sorry." Des said. She looked up and forced down a blush when she saw it was Jim. 

Jim gave her that little grin he'd given her a little bit ago. "It's fine. It was my fault really." He lifted the bucket of supplies he was carrying. "It's hard to see around this."

Des nodded. "Right. Sorry. I'll let you get back to work." She stepped around him and continued on. She thought she could feel him watching her walk away for a few moments, but didn't turn around to confirm her suspicions. 

Either way, her heart was beating just a bit faster than usual. 

She finished the grapes as she arrived back to her training area. She set the water bottle down, grabbed the silks, and was soon floating through the air once again. 

The End

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