Anya Volkov-Sick DayMature

I stretched out my slender limbs, cursing as my waist length platinum blonde hair brushed the dirt. Straightening, I pulled my hair into a fierce bun. My scalp stung but it was worth it. My mother had done it to me all the time when I was a little girl and would pull my hair if I complained; I learned quickly to stay quiet.

My stomach continued to gurgle and growl from getting sick last night. Never being able to fall didn't count if I fell ill.

As if to remind me, the ringleader, Sinestro, came up to see my progress. His one eye regarded me with disdain and his mouth was curled into a distasteful grimace.

"Will you finally be in the show Anya?" he sneered.

I had to restrain myself from saying something I'd regret later.

"Of course Sinestro. This is the first show I've ever missed and it really couldn't be helped," I replied.

"It couldn't be helped? Don't make excuses Anya. Everyone else was able to show up for their performances, no matter how badly they were feeling." Sinestro's grimace became a full scowl and I clenched my fists together.

"Do you really want me throwing up on paying customers Sinestro? I can do that next time if that's really how you want to get a crowd," I growled, my voice raising slightly from my anger.

Sinestro's one eye narrowed at my tone. "There had better not be a next time. Miss another performance, and I will personally have Donovan feed you to the griffins."

I huffed, not really believing him; he was too sweet of a guy and honestly, I think the griffins scared him a little too. "It won't happen again sir. And I'm feeling much better. Thanks for asking," I told him boldly. I'd be lucky if I did get fed to the griffins after that comment.

"Good to hear. Now, get back on that trapeze, before Savian decides to make that part of his act solo, permanently." And with that, he turned on his heel, and stomped away.

With a sigh, I counted my lucky stars and returned to my stretching, ignoring the noises coming from my midsection.

Once I finished with the warm ups, I checked the time on my father's old pocket watch that I left out for every practice. Almost time.

The End

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