Thanos: What a Wonderful NightMature

"I-I can't do it!"

Thanos sighed at the scrawny human before him. Dark power pulsed through the man and another human - this one large and imposing, even if he was drunk and terrified - lay on the ground before him. The dark alleyway was a perfect place to exact vengeance but the pathetic man refused to do the dead. 

"Look, do you want to avenge your sister or not?" Thanos asked the man. "You sold your soul for this, so you might as well go through with it."

The drunken brute had killed his girlfriend in a rage. The human courts had determined there wasn't enough evidence, but the girl's brother wanted vengeance. He was too weak, though. That was where Thanos had come in.

The scrawny human - Thanos would really have to get better at names - swallowed hard, allowing Thanos to feed off his determination. "You're right!" 

The human stalked toward his prey, new resolution shining through the dark powers he possessed. The brute backed away, screaming for mercy. Thanos smiled widely as the dark powers transferred into the victim and imploded, leaving blood and guts along the alleyway. 

Thanos gave the human a moment to bask in his vengeance before pulling the soul from his body and walking away. He didn't even stay to see the human fall down lifelessly. He was too preoccupied on the soul he now held in his grasp. So delicious... Yet, it was a disappointment. It was nothing like a soul saturated in emotion like that circus man. This soul had lived an easy life. No excitement, no real pain. It was still a delicacy, of course. One that Thanos devoured instantly. 

Ecstasy. Bliss. The soul made his human appearance shimmer and Thanos of the Maelstrom was shown in full. He was not what humans saw demons to be. His skin was white as snow. He had a lack of horns or wings, but gems formed along his arms and body. On his head was a mark. It was that of the Maelstrom clan. 

And just as it had appeared, it disappeared. Thanos checked around. None had saw, it seemed. Good. He had to learn control. 


Thanos sighed. It was one of the lessers. 'What is it, lowly worm?'

'Our master would like a word with you,' the wyvern said, 'He refuses to listen to our warnings.'

A thought passed through the demons head. He could toy with this man... 'Tell him I shall meet him when the moon hangs high. This might be what I need to digest.' Thanos chuckled. Nothing was better than playing with humans after a meal. 

He still had an hour. Might as well make another pact if he could. What a wonderful night.

The End

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