Thanos: Just Checking InMature

Thanos smiled brightly as the crowds emotions changed throughout the performance. That, of course, meant that he had been smiling the entire time. And why wouldn't he be? With each outburst of raw emotion came a feast for him. It was nothing like a soul - no, a soul was enough to make a demon crawl on the ground in ecstasy - but it was what he had grown to enjoy these past nine years. 

Once the show was over, Thanos picked up his gentleman's coat and made his way down to where that human Sinestro had gone. There would need to be words with the creature, as humans always seemed to conveniently forget about deadlines when it inconvenienced them. A pitiful thing, really. The last human Thanos had made a pact with tried to run. What a poor way to end one's existence. One could only hope this Sinestro would be the man he had been when the pact was struct. 

The man was still wearing the strange colorful outfit he so liked to don when Thanos found him. Color... It was such a disgusting thing. The black suit Thanos wore was just about the onl thing Humans had ever made that didn't disgust him. 

Sinestro noticed him immediately. He turned to the person he was talking to - a human who had danced in the air just moments before - and spoke a few words. Thanos heard them. 'Give me a moment alone, please,' was all they said. The performer knew something was off, but he silently just walked away. What a good human puppet. WHy couldn't they all be like that? Hell would be better that way. 

"W-what are you doing here?" Sinestro asked Thanos, trying to keep his voice down. Humans littered the area, though none were close enough to hear. They didn't even lok interested. Well, except a few of the performers. That Griffon Master would be interesting to taste... What a delicious soul. 

Thanos turned his attention back to Sinestro. the human was sweating now. "I am just visiting a dear friend," Thanos said through his wicked smile. "And reminding him that only a year remains."

Sinestro licked his lips like any nervous human would and managed to not step back. Impressive. For a human with a lot to lose. "I.. I know. But I have another year! W... Why did you come now?"

Thanos laughed. "Only to tell you that it was a marvelous performance. Your actors..." Thanos smiled and let out a little chuckle. "They looked positively delicious." the demon winked his red eye at the human and turned to leave. "I can't wait to dine on your soul, human." 

And with that, Thanos left the circus. More deals would need to be made soon. 

So soon...

The End

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