Seraphina: The Phoenix BreathesMature

Seraphina stepped out in to the ring, feeling the roar of the crowd echoing in her ears. Her eyes were surrounded by black make up that winged out from under her eyebrows, making her eyes pierce through the darkness more than usual. In her hands she held two fire sticks, both alight. They followed her through the ring, trailing fire like the bird her act was named after. As she reached the centre she threw her hands up and fire flew through the air, twisting and turning, before the sticks landed back in her hands. The crowd roared. 

She twisted the sticks in her hands, making the fire fly in circles. Every so often the fire would brush her skin and the audience would gasp and lean closer, looking for a sign that she had been hurt. 

The fire ran along her skin of her back but it didn't hurt. She'd expected it to hurt. 

"There mi querido, now you are in flight. A phoenix. Reborn in fire and passion."

The fire burned and the crowd roared with delight. She extinguished one flame in her mouth, then passed the flame from the lit stick to the other on her hand. Fire spread across her chest as she leant backwards, letting the fire lick against her skin. Then she took the bottle from the floor and took half a mouthful. She raised the sticks and spat the liquid, igniting the liquid on fire so that it burned in to the air like dragon's breath. 

The roar of the crowd surpassed those earlier in her act. She blew flames again for their amusement and then blew fire on to the ring of  liquid that circled her. As she span in a circle the fire followed her, and eventually she was surrounded. She glanced up at the men waiting to pour water on the fire, and then swallowed both sticks, one after the other, and blew a firey kiss to the audience as the water descended and the whole tent was descended in to darkness. Applause burst across the tent and the lights went back on in time for Seraphina to take her bow. She ran off, waving as Zachariah re-entered, giving her a swift nod to show that he was pleased. 

She took a bottle of water and gulped some down. taking a breath once half the bottle was gone. Then she went to the peep hole to watch the next act. 

The End

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