General Sinestro's Circus of HeavenMature

Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to General Sinestro's Circus of Heaven.
We've got a great show for you tonight.
Here you will find beauty, here you will find love. Here--is Heaven.

"WELCOME, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! TO GENERAL SINESTRO'S CIRCUS OF HEAVEN!" General Zachariah Sinestro shouted above the roaring of the crowd. It was opening night of the new season, and the crowd, as always, was excited Possibly too excited. Without looking, he knew that he would be in his seat near the top of the tent. 

The train wound its way on silent tracks, tracing its way to the capital. Most of the residents of the brightly painted cars were sound asleep, but in his own car, just behind the engine, the Ringleader was awake at his desk. A single oil lamp swung gently over his head, swaying to the rhythm of the train. Sinestro was not alone, sitting in a chair across from him was a cloaked and hooded figure, its face shielded from the soft yellow light of the lamp.

"Is it time?" General Sinestro had asked.

"WE'VE GOT A GREAT SHOW FOR YOU FOLKS TONIGHT!" Sinistro continued addressing the crowd. His red and gold military coat flashing in the light of the spotlights. Fire around the edge of the ring flashed higher as he spoke, and from the gates around the edge of the ring, the troupe began to enter.

"It will come to pass at midnight," The demon had replied. "Your beasts will be rarer, more fierce. Your pathetic troupe will actually have talent." 

 Sinestro waved his hand and several spotlights appeared, dancing along the black and white fabric of the big top. As he announced each act, a spotlight illuminated the troupe members who would perform them. "DEATH DEFYING STUNTS!" A pair of human cannonballs in black, star patterned suits and helmets waved at the crowd. "FEARSOME CREATURES TAMED BY A SINGLE MAN!" The lion tamer, Donovan, with his wild mane of hair, waved as the spotlight landed on him. "THE PASSION OF LOVE IN THE SKY!" The acrobatic team, with their tattered wings and skin tight suits that made them look like fallen angels, waved graciously to the ever louder audience.

"And the audiences?" 

"Will beg for more." 

 "SIT AND BE ENTRANCED AS OUR TRICK RIDERS AMAZE YOU WITH STUNTS GREATER THAN ANY YOU'VE SEEN." All the horseback riders did a handstand on their saddles as the horses trotted around the arena, their red and gold costumes shining. "AND SEE THE BEAUTY AND DANGER OF FIRE!" The fire breathers set jets of flame towards the audience, which gasped and then cheered in unison. They wore scarlet, and their dance was hypnotizing.

"Now," the demon had continued, "my fee, your left eye," he held out a hand, bone white and skeletal, "and I will attend each of your shows, to feed off the energy of the crowd. Devil knows I haven't had a decent meal in decades." Sinestro had nodded and the demon had reached out with those skeletal fingers, until they closed on their prize. 

"HERE YOU WILL FIND BEAUTY. HERE YOU WILL FIND LOVE. HERE! IS HEAVEN!" The crowd screamed even louder, but Sinestro blocked it out, touching the eyepatch he wore, embroidered with a golden eye. 

Sinestro had writhed on the floor of his car in pain as the demon stood over him, one eye blood red, the other brown, matching Sinestro's. "You have ten years." The demon said. "Enjoy the ride, before I take the rest of you."

"AND NOW, IN OUR FIRST ACT, THE ENCHANTING, THE BEAUTIFUL, PHOENIX!" Sinestro finished his speech and retreated to the shadows at the edge of the ring as the first act began. Nine years had passed since his bargain with the demon. Only one more season remained.

The End

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