Genders in Movie Storytelling

Explains why men are preferred as voice-over artists.

If you think about a movie trailer that came out recently and think about how the topic of the movie was introduced, do you picture a man's voice, or a woman's? At first, you might not know, but after seeing a few trailers for movies you can conclude that a man is almost always the voice-over artist. There are many reasons for this. One is that male's have a loud and strong voice compared to females. Even if the movie is a romance, a man is still needed to convey a certain power, or drama that is enhanced by the tone of their voice.

According to the article "Why Men Always Tell You To See Movies," our brains are hard-wired to prefer female voices. This is the reason GPS devices and such are almost always female. But why not voice-overs in movies? It turns out that both females and males trust males voice more. I agree with this fact because being a man is associated with having an education and being in power, more so than women. Times are changing though, so it isn't all the same anymore, with independent production companies favoring graphic devices like title cards to serve as narration. I think this is a smart choice because of gender equality. Still today, there are still many jobs that a majority of men hold that females could be good at, but aren't hired because of their gender. The same goes for the business of sport (for example basketball, and the fact that men are more athletic, and therefore make more money since the games are more interesting. Maybe it isn't the fact  males are more athletic, but just that they are bigger and stronger, which makes the sport more interesting.

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