Chapter 1: White Raindrops

Technology and war

The stream was flowing water down a waterfall, as the sunlight swayed through the trees. A boy was found lying on his back under a tall tree. The boy was woken up by the light when it hit his eyes; he slowly sat up. The boy put his hand on his head, and looked around, nothing seemed familiar to him, as he got to his feet; he muttered the grounds cold. What happened to me? How did I get here? The boy started walking; it was the only thing he could think of. The boy’s eyes seemed blurry as he stumbled over some rocks to get to higher ground. The boy made it up the cliff and saw nothing but forest. He looked up at the grey sky. The boy decides to keep walking until he finds his way out. Night grew near, the boy looked around it was even more confusing at night than during the day. The boy felt something wet hit his head, then his shoulder, then his hand. The boy lifted his head to the sky and it poured down rain. The boy began to run, bushes and tree branches hitting his face. The boy tripped over a tree root but regain his balance. The boy looked around and ran to a building and sat on the stairs. On the side of the building it read: Chicago orphanage. The ceiling light came on and the door opened. A women came out and saw the boy, all soaked and wide eyes. The boy had white hair, white shirt, white shorts; but no shoes, and blue eyes. The women came to him and said come inside. The boy got up slowly and walked inside the building. The place seemed nice and warm. The women got the boy a towel and led him to the kitchen. The women asked do you have a name? The boy never thought about it, cause it came naturally to him. My name is Gen ; he said, that’s the only thing he did remember. 

“Gen how old are you? said Nicole”.

“I don’t know, said Gen”. 

“Do you know where your parents are? said Nicole”.

“I don’t know, I woke up in the forest. I don’t remember a lot”.

“Well Gen, I’m Nicole Sanders. I run this orphanage”. 

“What’s an orphanage? said Gen”.

“It’s a home where you stay and get adopted”. 

“I can stay here? said Gen”. 

“Nicole said of course”. 

“Now, I bet your hungry”. 

“I am, said Gen”.

Nicole got a plate full of mash potatoes, chicken, steamed carrots, and a juice box for him to drink. After Gen was finished eating; Nicole told him where he’ll be sleeping, and got him some dry clothes to wear.


“Yea, Gen”.

“What's adopted”?

“Its when we help kids find a family and a home”. 

“Gen gave a nod, I understand, It would be nice to have a real family of my own; he said with a smile”.

Chapter 2: The good, the bad, and the scientists

When Doctor Page woke up he was strapped to a chair; his head was throbbing. He looked around; he was in a room with a very dim light, the chair was made of metal which made it very uncomfortable. He saw a door, it was red, and it really stuck out since the room was so dark. After a few minutes he started hearing noises coming from behind the door, he was still a little groggy, but he was able to clarify the noise as voices; he listened carefully, to understand what they were saying. Sir what methods should we use. A deep shady voice answered with two words, Extreme-measures. The door opened slowly, the Doctor flinched cause of the bright light shinning in his eyes, and then it was dim again. The Doctor heard footsteps, slow and calm. The Doctor lifted his head; he still a little groggy. He lifted his head long enough to see coming out of the shadows was a man. A tall black man in a dark red suit, a black stripe tie, and black slick shoes. He spoke in a strange accent.

"Doctor Page, its a pleasure. My name is Vlad ShrineBell".

"If this is how you make a first impression, I'd hate to know the second attempted, said the Doctor".

"I'm in no mood for jokes, Doctor".

"You'v been giving my men a hard time, so i'll make this easy for you. Give me the weapon and this will be over".

"I don't know where it is, said Doctor Page".

"The man slammed his hands down on the metal table".

" You made it go into orbit, now tell me its location"!

The Doctor's eyes were red. "When i launched the droid into orbit, the weapon was sent to a random location. It could be anywhere in the world¨.

"You robbed me of my success, Doctor. Now you'll pay the price".

"Two men came in with a silver box; they placed it on the table".

"Mr. ShrineBell slowly opened the box, revealing a knife".

"Now, I don't like getting my hands dirty, but you gave me no choice, Doctor".

"Mr. ShrineBell slide the knife under the Doctor's fingernail. The doctor yelled in pain, as his nail was cut clean off. Blood dripped from his hand".

"I don't know..."

"You'll talk sooner or later, Doctor Page. "

"Lets just hope your still in one piece when that day comes."

Vlad ShrineBell turned and walked out the room, leaving the Doctor to wallow around in the darkness of his pain, blood, and sorrow.

The End

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