This is a short story about a woman born under Gemini who doesn't believe in astrology. However, over time, she can't help noticing that everything in her life comes in pairs...

Sarah Lange did not believe in astrology.  Perhaps it was the German genes, or the scientific ones - the two went together in the person of her father - or perhaps it was simply the way she was made, but Sarah had no time whatsoever for the stars, except those seen through a telescope.  She found it extraordinary how many otherwise sane people would read their horoscope every day, although most of them said they 'just did it for a laugh; they didn't take it seriously.'  She had not been strictly brought up in this regard - she was simply made that way.  The whole thing was ridiculous, and the more one knew about the science of astronomy, the more far-fetched appeared its loony cousin, astrology.

Sarah was having lunch with Melinda one Friday.  They had finished eating and over coffee Melinda had taken out her magazine and was flicking through the pages when she gave a gasp.

'What is it?' asked Sarah, without a great deal of interest.

'The sun's in Gemini this month, and I knew something was going to happen to you!'

Sarah sighed.  'Nothing's going to happen to me, Mel.'

Melinda gave a horrified squeal.  'Oh, no!'

'What?' said Sarah, exasperated.

'I can't tell you!'

'All right,' said Sarah.  She made a sign to the waitress asking for the bill.  As she had feared, Melinda could not keep quiet.  'I have to warn you!' she said. 

The End

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