Spinning In

    You're probably wondering how I know so much about Frisco.  I guess the short answer is that I've been fascinated with mechanical cities since I was a kid.  The real reason though, is that I've just taken a job as a mechanical engineer there.  I finished college last semester, and Frisco was the only place I applied to work.  It's nothing glamorous, but I'll be able to get the feel of things.  I'll be adjusting timings for a chain of shoe stores.  They have locations on 14 retail gears around the city, and their rotation frequency doesn't quite match consumer demand.  I know, it's pretty boring, but at least I'll be living up there on the spinning wheels.  My girlfriend Ellen and I are moving into a nice little neighborhood.  For two months out of the year, we have an ocean view every ten days.  She's already there, setting up our little house.  I'm flying in today. 
    The guy in the window seat next to me on the plane apparently didn't share my excitement at our arrival.  He politely tolerated me leaning over to see the airport disk coming into view.  From miles away, it looked like a small little wheel, but as we approached, I could see that it was a huge airfield and terminal facility.  It must have been five kilometers in diameter.  After we touched down, and later as I walked into the terminal, The ground below my feet felt like solid earth, but I smiled to think that I was finally spinning with the city.  I was part of Frisco now.  I smiled even more when I saw Ellen.  We'd been apart since graduation in Boston.  She was the one thing in the world that could distract me from machines.

The End

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