Relatives velanbragt

Vaneful veins of anger pulse to a New tune as I clinch Every muscle inside of  my twenty three year aged Body.

"Thou shall not intervene The soul og a forgotten! I repent my recent desires and banish Thy evil! " i scream towards The heavens in a silent degree. 

My eyes, cringing in fear bathed in a Bath of angered Desire.

Hands shoot Beams of diabetes romantcsm.

Sweet delusions decipate disobeying dem ons.

Pupils darker than The souls of The Damm Peer inside of  mine.

(!" I fight The words as tough as The brute force aquired by a full sleigh of reindeer. 

I rip stress shreds Deep inside og The dim soul,  for i am.....

The exhalted one that dwells by The dark Sea.

The End

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