Lost and confused

A hopeless romantic is stuck in a world of fantasy

I once heard a man say "Life is nothing when you are all alone".

Well here I am. Alone.

Drinking a lukewarm glass of lactose free milk and munching on a stale raspberry and agave vegan cookie beneath the gazebo of "Lost and confused" as my gal is out on the town.

I can see my breath smog heavier than the nicotine infected cigarette pressed tightly to my sickly pale lips.

Tonight is the night she returns from afar, our date night. But I, yes I, Gerard Frey, have once again funked up.

All I want in life is to, well, I am not quite sure what I want in  life, that is why I am here.

Let me fill you in a little bit.

My girl and I have been an item for about 8 months now. The key thing to remember is: We have never met.

I met her through my Grandma's friend Gertrude while I was visiting on business.

Gertrude's eyes grew wide the first moment her eyes laid upon me. She felt my energy hitting her from clear across the room.

The entire trip Gertrude kept trying to tell me about her grand daughter. The funny thing was that there were multiple seasoned ladies trying to hook me up with there grand daughters.
 I kept declining but moments before I left Gertrude snuck an address into my bag. I wrote the address and received a letter back from a Felicity Delvin. It was very mysterious for me at first. Writing a stranger but feeling so attached. It was so new to me. The rush was unreal and soon I found myself falling into a pit of passionate love. Actually it was worse than love. It was an obsession. I now was a fiend to express my love and learn the ways of Felicity. i wanted to know everything from the way her scent was to the way she chews celery. I often found myself closing my eyes and imagining her face. Imagining her lips, her words, her touch and her passion.

But now, here I am, 8 months in and still all alone.

Felicity is out there with her friends as I sit here beneath the gazebo of "Lost and confused" hoping that some day I will find something more than a fantasy.

The End

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