Eyes Speek

He looked like a bady drawn cartoon character, gangly and long. His thin legs seemed to slip on thier own toes with his clumsey dismantled walk into the room, carrying three trays in his thin long hands. He nervously pushed his glasses up from his noes with his elbow, causing him to loose all balance. The trays came cluttering to the ground. There was milk on the clothes and toothbrush he had brought in, soggy buiscit on the cracked tiles, the asprin that was once safly tucked away in a glass bottle was all over the floor, along with shards of sharp jagged glass.

"Sorry!" He fumbled while feverishly picking up the dropped items, cutting his palm on a piece of glass in the process.

Luna watched him in awe and amusement. This bimuseing little kid had wrecked every item he had brought, along with his own body.

"You could have brought it all in one by one." She stared at him, one eyebrow raised, while he sat on the edge of the bed, attending to his wound, the milky asprin still on the floor, the dress now dripping wet on the termite-eaten bedside table.

"Sorry." He muttered again, looking up at her with his large puppy-dog eyes from behind the mat of messy blonde hair. She stared into them. Such a gorgeous feature on a such an imperfect creature. The beautiful golden green in his eyes, that softly melted into an aqua blue near his iris, were almost mesmerising. Beautiful.

She chuckeled, "No problem."

"WHAT THE HELL!!" Abbs yelled as he stormed into the room. "WHAT ARE YOU? A FREAKING WALKING NATURAL DISASTER!?" He pointed a finger at his brother, "You! GET A CLOTH DAMN IT! CLEAN THIS UP! ...." He smiled slyly, "Then continue with your flirting."

"Flirting!!" He cried indignantly, "Im NOT flirting! Im just tieing my hand up s'all!!" His cheeks were bright red.

"Are you talking back?!" Abbs drew himself to full hight, and stared down at the gangly little thing bellow him.

"No..." He muttered.

"Good...NOW GET OUT!"

He looked back at Luna with his beautiful eyes, "Ill bring things one by one next time. Sorry." He muttered, walking out.

Getting out of the bed, and ignoreing the splitting headache, Luna began picking out the solid pieces of mush off the floor.

"Should give the idiot a break..." She muttered, but her thoughts where consumed with the image of his eyes.

The End

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