"You look very innocent asleep, ya know that toots?" Luna awoke to a gruff and unclean voice, stinking of liquor. She could here the click of a lighter, and smell the smoke of a freshly lit ciggerette.

"This voice..." She thought as she attempted too pen her eyes, but her lids were still too heavy. "Bartender..." she muttered. Yeah that was it, it was the ass who did this to her.

"Its Abbs...not bartender." He scoffed, "occupation and name...there's a difference." he mocked.

"Im going to...kill you." She groaned as she slung her hand over her eyes.

"Oy!" He sounded offended, "I bloody well saved your skin!"

"And put it in danger in the first place." she growled back.

He laughed nervously, "," he scratched his head, "I wanted to be the first guy to beat you....can you blame me, come on woman?!"

"It's Luna, not woman," she sscoffed at him, "gender and name, there's a difference."

"Well, the name suits ya."

"Don't suck up. Why'd you come to get me, anyway?" She asked.

"What can I say, Im a good guy! A pretty woman passed out on the streat...not good for you."

"And?..." She smiled, there had to be a plus side for him,

"And I want to be the first guy to beat you!"


"And ...well..I may have needed some cash, and decided to....borrow some form you."

"And never return it." She shook her head, but smiled heartily.

"Yes...well...maybe some day!"

She slowly opened her lids. The sun was riseing. it's light could just about be seen twinkling in the twilight. Abbs sat there, staring at her, puffing his cigerette, attemting to make circles out of the smoke comeing from his mouth.

"Damn." he looked at her. "You looked more innocent asleep."

The room was small, but passable. A small tray containing toast and a glass of water sat next to her, on a termite-eaten table.

"You really went out of your way to make sure you wouldnt get beat up, didn't you?" she said, stareng into his grey green eyes.

He simply laughed and got up off the small stool he stood on. "I'll get that kid to send you some clothes and crap, you woman like to get freshened up, right?" he winked at her.

"That kid?" she asked.

"Yeah, my little brother. Dont worry, he wont hurt you." She scoffed.

"Not possible even if he wanted to."

"More than true toots." He gave a slight giggle, before swaggering out of the room. She closed her eyes, to get a little more sleep. Feeling her pockets, she noticed, they seemed just as full as  they were the previous evening. He hadn't taken his loan yet.


The End

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