"This world stinks of gutter water and cheep liquor. Smoke and fog are clouds covering the stars in the night sky. Look at the moon, queen of the night, clouded and shunned by the industrial fumes that choke this forsaken place. God save all these poor, disgusting wreches, born into this hell hole. I can bearly keep my sanity, and Ive only been liveing here for tree years...if you can call it a life. Joe and Abel have been the only ones around whohave shown me the spirit of the humanity. And they are adicted to drugs. The rest of them are drunk bums, unsympathetic cretins who wouldn't think wice about robbing you while your writhing in pain on the floor. I have to find a way out of here. For too long have I stayed on this streat of lost dogs and empty rum bottles. For too long have I roamed on these corridors of guttered waters, and tainted soil. Its time I spread my wings and take flight into the night air, and relive myself form this diplorable little town.
So then where are you. You promised me freedom, Sol. Im still waiting, for you to take away this burdain of my birth ."


Her tall slender figure, emerged from the shadows like a black alley cat, her dark black eyes fixed on the full moon, still vissible behind the cloud of smoke and pain. Her ebony coat trailed on behind her, followed by her straight veil of hair. The alleys, and back roads was all she had known for the past 3 years on Earth, but it had made her body strong. Taking a swig of her third whiskey bottle, she continued her stride towards the moon, her vission still in perfect, her body healthy and vigril.

The bottle was empty. Throwing it to the side of the road, she took a turn into a small shack. The music inside was loud and crass, the men were worse. The woman were shabby and wore little clothes, the bar tender was happily and shamelessly robbing his drunk customers, while they lay unconscious on the table. Luna snarled. Softly picking out a hand full of money she steped to the bar.

"Black Dog, scotch?" The bar man repeated before she speek with a cheaky and almost chalangeing smirk. Some men began to lick their lips at the sight of the "frest meat" other's knew of her reputation well enough to stay far away from her, and keep their eyes to themselves.

The edge of her lips turned to form a disgruntled smile. Taking this as confirmation, he began to unscrew the bottle.

"Hey pretty lady," She snorted, a pittiful little human boy had come to chalange her, "wanna play a drinking game with me? The winner gets a night with the looser." From the colour of his face, she could tell he was well into his fourth bottle. She smiled. Good, now she can release some of that pent up stress.

She took his large rotund face in her hand, before flicking the edge of his forhead with her thin black nails, pushing him clean off his feet. "No thanks." She whispered while he lamely lifted himself to his feet, tending to his bruised rump.

His bloodshot eyes seemed almost amazed for a moment, before overcome with drunken anger.

"That hurt! How dare you, you little_" his arm was poised to strike.

 The bartender sighed, "I should have warned him..."he mutter, " who the hell cares".

She made sure her nails were in shape, and tied her hair neatly in a long pony tail while avoiding his slow, bulky fist.

 Before he could regain balance, she had flipped the man on his back. She held his arm in an awkward possition above his head, the elbow disslocated. He screamed in pain.

"Aw, I guess you loose." she snarled with mock pity. "Here, have a drink on me." She smiled a cruel, painful smile, as she dropped the neat whiskey on his head, before releaseing him, with a dislocated shoulder, a dislocated elbow, a bruised knee and a fractured ankle. The room went silent. The atmosphere nervous. No one dared look up from their drink, as the man groaned on the floor.

"Ill take a bottle to go." She nodded at the bar tender. "Make that three." Smirking, he handed her the bottles. A mishcivious and greedy twinkle in his eye as he looked at her. It made her uncomfortable. She turned to leave.

"Not drinkin them here?" He asked after her, sounding dissapointed.

"No." She answered. His shoulders dropped.

"Really...your going to leave me here, Sol?"

She chugged the whiskey like water allowing the burning liquid to fuel her body on the cold winter's night, " promised Sol."

Her head began feeling heavy. Her sence of direction slipped from under her, her legs felf like gellaton, and her feet could only walk in circles. Bearly able to keep her balance, she colapsed.

"Where am I...Huh?...was there a sign there a minute ago?...what is this...." her head wasnt straight, her head was to heavy to hold up without the support of her hands. Alcohol had no effect on her, so why?

"What was in that damn bottle..." She looked into the empty bottles. Even though her vission was blurred, she could see the residue of an unknown white powder. She groaned. "Ass..." she muttered curseinjg the bartender, before escaping from consciencness, into a world of dazed dream. She knew it was dangerous to colapse on the road here. But she had no choice, her body no longered cared for the danger, she simply needed rest. She could already see the dark figures moveing towards here from the black shadows.


The End

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