Child of Luna

Cherubs were born with a colour to thier wings. Red, yellow, were firey creatures, the Seraphim. Blues, and lighter purples, born of the water spirits, called the Agwe. Light creams, in whisps of sliver, were the air childeren, the Era, and thoes born with green in their   wings, the Earth borns, or Gayas.

But she was neither, and nor was he.

He watched her from afar, mesmorised by the beauty of he dark wings, and how they sparkeled in the sun. His own wings were purest white. They were what is believed to be the colour of Light, of the savious of their land. Treated and revered as a king, as one above all others, his innocentl childish heart drifted to lonliness of his own holy solitude. A solft trail of wind blew through her black hair, like an ebony waterfall, it drifted with the cool breeze.

"Why do you look at me? Do you mock my death?" She turned. Se bore her peircing black eyes into his soul.

"No." he answered, noticing the perfect arch of her nose, and her simple pale lips, "just admireing your courage to be born so different."

"It is not curagious to do what is not in your own power." He smiled, a gentle greating smile.

"Illwant to come too, beyond the gates. " He walked towards her and sat with her.

"But...there lays death." She turned to face him.

"No. . . there lays my freedom. Our freedom."

Both knew as they looked beyond into their own hearts, that very moment, that it was as all should have been. They were meant as a pair. Their bond was closer than any other. They rarely spoke, but words were not needed. They spoke in a silent tongue no one but they could desipher.

He joined her near her perch, spending their last hours staring ast the gate. Till the proccesion arrived to tare them apart.

He left her with a promise..."I will join you behind the gate, child of Luna." he tugged at the priests, as they grappled him away from the "Evil One." He was to stay, if only then they had known...

The End

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