Gates Of Adwen

Forever, behind th e gates of Adwen, the feay kind has liived in peace. They came to be know as thye light ones. Till one was born, of a flower (as all are born) different from the rest...Adwin's gates, that once confineed the most purest beasts, are now falling to chaos.

Come with me to the gates,

The gates of the seriphim,

Thoes of the cherab, the light ones

Children of peace bright.

Dance within its holy blessing

Sing and twirl within the clouds,

No one can enter,

No one can leave

Once closed the gates-

Of Adwen's kind.



Stay as children pure

Stay as prisoners, confined

Pain anger and freeom sublime

Dust within the wind

Till the last bang blows the wind

As the last bang crumbles the gates

rock and ash

Blackened grass

It burns,

Till it burns with black flame.


The End

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