Gas and Snacks

A terrified man stands behind a rack of chips in a 7/11 and tries not to breathe. His wife is standing over by the magazines, flipping through the latest issue of bad feminine advice. She looks over at him and sticks out her tongue, playful as usual. He flashes her a return smile and she can see in it that something is not right with her husband. She looks at him quizzically for a moment before returning to her magazine.

He wonders if he's making the right decision. Almost immidiately he dismisses the notion, this was never the right decision and he knew it all along. Instead he wonders if things are going to work out all right in the end. His friend Pacy said that they would, and he had followed all of Pacy's instructions. His wife was wearing the right color sweater, it was the right time: almost 9:30 pm.

 And then three men in halloween masks stormed through the swinging glass doors, brandishing guns. The first man through the door went right to the counter and aimed his shotgun at the clerk.

"Empty the register or it's your life, NOW!" The young man working the till looked like he was about to spring a leak. His hands fumbled at the cash register.

The second man through the door scanned the occupants of the 7/11 quickly, searching while the last of the three entered and took up a position right near the exit, so that no one could leave until they were finished.

The second gunman made eye contact with his wife and pointed his revolver at her. "Get on the ground unless you want to die!" He shouted. She hesitated for a second with terror in her eyes and the weapon boomed twice. She crumpled to the tile floor in slow motion.

  "We're done here." The first gunman said to his friends as he collected the money from the clerk and the three of them backed quickly out of the 7/11. After they were gone, the man by the chips waited three seconds before rushing to his wife's side. There was so much blood and she wasn't moving. He knelt beside her and felt tears welling up in his eyes.

That wasn't so hard, he thought. But just then his phone rang.

The End

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