Gary Corzander

This is pretty much one of these stories where i think of something i jot it down. Feel free to do this yourself.

"DUUUUDDEEEE" Man, that Eric is a idiot. "DUUUUDDEEEE To you to Eric." Seriously, he needs to get a life. "I mean, Dude. What was with Miss.Ericson today? GAY!" Yup. I just got a right telling off from that sick teacher. I wouldnt say Gay, she is married to Mr.Ericson the history teacher after all. "HELLO? Gary? ARE YOU ALIVE?" No. Im really not. LEAVE ME ALONE DUDE! Of course im not going to say that. Instead, allow me to say this. "Yeah, theres my dorm. See ya." Phew, he's gone. Put the bag on the beg, colapse on the floor. Im seriously starting to hate everything about Boarding School. "Is he dead?" Ow, ow ow. Barry, i'd like it very much if you DIDN'T prod me with a twig. "Uh, no." Yeah, tell him Jake! Cause i can't, im dead at the moment. No im not actualy dead. Im pretending. Jeez, you people will think anything!" Yes, im up. "Im alive, and sitting on a chair." Did i say that aloud? DAMN. Ok Guys, don't give me looks. "Hey Barry, i bet i can make you say purple." Ha ha, this gets them every time.

"Try Me."

"Say Blue."


"Say Orange."


"Say Pink."



"But you said i have to say Purple...oh damn."

Told you! Ok Barry, dont sulk. And as for you Jake, GET OFF THE COMPUTER! YOUR HELPING ME WITH HOMEWORK! ...That time, when i wanted to say it aloud, i didnt. DAMMNNN

The End

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