Birds were domesticated as mounts. The dream of flight was fulfilled and monopolized. Settling in the treetops, above the reach of swords and arrows, they found themselves looking down upon a world of immense size and even greater freedom. They began their lightning expansion over the land formerly known as North America. Within a few decades, their rickety little settlements could be found hacked into the branches of the most towering trees all over the continent, and their surveyors, harnessed snugly to the passerines and the crows and the geese, documented the lands and the peoples before extending their reach down to the ground in an attempt to maintain their blissful isolation in the air and in their worldly perspective.

With the development of their power, their omnipresence, their culture, the language developed as well. They are now the Thranau, the masters of birds, the revealers of altered truths, the benign oppressors. They cast their sweeping grey eyes upon the world they have conquered without a fight, and use their control to pull strings on the nations below; keeping them alive, keeping them separate, and most of all keeping them out of the sky.

The End

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