Garthanum (preview)

Through magical means, humanity is wiped out in an instant and replaced with a race of miniatures a few thousand years afterward. This (intended) epic speculative fiction work explores the possibilities for settlement in a world on the small scale. I don't have much yet, but read through all that's here and post comments/criticisms about my writing style.


Imagine, if you will, the planet Earth. Since you almost certainly live there, this should not take very much imagining. Now, with that image of Earth lodged securely inside your head, I'd like you to change a few things. First, wipe out all traces of the human species. Now turn forward the clock several thousand years. All the cities, towns, roads, and bridges have long since corroded and collapsed from the continuous onslaught of time. Now add a race of intelligent beings, scattered randomly throughout North and South America. These beings look and are exactly the same as humans except in two ways: they live about 40 years, and they are only as tall as your pinky. All else is identical. From this point forward, all elements of the story are grounded entirely in realistic possibility, as in hard science fiction. As the years go by, these Lilliputians start forming hunting bands, then tribes, then villages, and finally the flags of small nations start sprouting up across the land. Turn the clock forward 1300 years.


Thousands of nations have found their little niches and tested their mettle against the grating edges of time and the blades of their enemies. Some have slowly but surely tinkered and made breakthroughs and have beaten the elements with stone and metal. Some have achieved great heights by taming the various creatures of the wilds which, to them, are so mighty. Some have turned to war and glory in brutal, self-righteous conquests. Some tumble out of the darkness, clubs akimbo, roaring and burning and taking the achievements of others for themselves. While they are many, and their names and customs are varied, all the little splinters of civilization follow some combination of a few basic patterns like these. All except one.


The tribe originally known as the Trianu first cast its sweeping grey eyes upon the world beneath the redwoods of the forest we know as Muir Woods. Their progression through technology went quite steadily and predictably for several centuries, with few wars or famines or golden ages. Then, literally out of the blue, a small but distinctive step was made that would become a giant leap in very little time.

The End

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