Forgotten Memories

It was lucky – well sort of- that we had been shopping. We had grabbed a few bulbs of garlic, although everybody knew that – and I even shuddered to think the word – vampires weren’t affected by garlic. Everybody could be wrong though, a ploy to lead the humans into a false sense of security if they were to guess correctly.


It must have been around midnight, only 4 hours since we had finished packing, and Jess- well she was laid in her room, literally frozen. Her eyes had cooled down a fair bit, but her skin! Her skin had turned into silk. Harder than stone, but smoother than silk. Impossible but true.


Morning came after what seemed to be an eternity. Day one of the loft exploration. Torches, extra batteries, a camera each, ladder ready: we opened the hatch expecting to be showered in dust. The cloud that came out of the hatch wasn’t dust, but hovered around the ceiling for a few seconds before disappearing. Jess scurried up the ladder like a monkey. I followed, moving faster. A large chest caught our attention.


“Well?” Jess looked questionably at me.


“Bet that’s filled with pictures or something. Come on!” I grabbed Jess’s hand  and pulled her to the wooden cuboids, laid in an empty space. The lid was unexpected. Instead of something in Latin or Greek, the inscription was in English.


No matter how bad your heart is broken the world doesn't stop for your grief.” I read it out, tracing over the words with my finger. “Jess, go back down to my room, and get me the picture on my table.”


She disappeared, only to reappear as quickly and silently. She had the bronze frame in her hands. I took the photo of both our mothers, and ourselves, out of the frame and flipped it over. The same quote.


“What’s wro-“Jess managed to say. “Your mum?” She pointed at the box. I nodded.


“Let’s get this opened.” I did my best to not cry. I failed miserably.




I rolled over in my bed, and screamed. Somebody was laid face down, on my bedroom floor. Jess? No, this was a boy. His hair was short and red, making it look almost pink, and it was shining in the stream of moon light coming through a gap in the curtains. It was – as impossible as it seemed – the taxi driver. How had he got into the house?


“Jess!” I yelled at the top of my voice. Stuff what the neighbours think.


“Stop yelling. I’m right next to you.” Jess’s quiet voice echoed, and made me jump.


I carefully slipped off my bed. It shocked me how quiet my footsteps were, as I crossed the room towards the body. Jess glided – there was no other way to describe her noiseless movement – across the room to me. Glad that my slippers had been near my bed, I used my foot to turn the body over. It was when he was on his back, that I saw the pool of blood near his hand. Me and Jess, stood either side of the body. We looked at each other. Her eyes were darker now. Our heads both bobbed down to look at the man. His eyes burst open.


His eyes were a violent shade of violet, his skin seemed too pale to have that much colour concentrated in one place.

The End

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