Time had stood still. I was alone in the unmerciful darkness. The wolf was walking towards me. It wasn’t an ordinary wolf – it was about the size of a fully grown Great Dane. About 100 yards away now. I could see its eyes: yellow, and thirsting for my blood. It was moving quickly. 25 yards. It crouched, ready to pounce at a moments notice. Teeth bared, it growled: I curled up tighter. It launched its self into the air, aiming for my neck as it began to lose height. Something cold, frozen, beat it to my neck. It was then, that I woke up.


“Oh god, Jenna…” Jess wasn’t facing me. Looking past her, I could understand why.  It was our street. Past and present home. The Kindles had booked our cab for us, paid for it and sent us merrily on our way. It had been a good 3 hours in the cab: he drove rather fast! Not to mention the driver- he wouldn’t tell us his name- looked overly familiar. Like somebody you met as a young child, and then saw in the street 10 years later. This guy though, it was just really, really odd. He drove off, rather quickly, as we turned around at our new front door.


The door creaked: it wasn’t an old looking door. The mirror opposite the door shocked us. Forget making the room bigger! It seemed to be sucking the light from the narrow corridor, and seemed to make the floral wallpaper twice as bad as it was. That had to be changed, as soon as possible.


“Blue innocent enough?” I asked Jess, who had already got to the kitchen. She walked back to the hall just as I tapped the wall. My eyes snapped to her worried eyes. Her violet eyes seemed to have gone more lilac: I glanced over my shoulder, to find my face mirrored hers almost perfectly. Was it possible for eyes to change colour, over the course of less than an hour? It was possible for a- no, that couldn’t be possible. Not that we both were- Jess interrupted my thoughts.


“Look at the kitchen. It’s perfect!” Jess’s face positively lit up: she was defiantly the better cook out of the two of us. The kitchen was fairly large, considering the exterior made the house look tiny. Not a speck of dust in sight- the black worktop was gleaming at us. I opened a cupboard, only to be surprised at what was inside.


Jess smiled, “Yeah, I didn’t know it was an ‘accessories included’ package either. We need some food to fill those cupboards.” She pointed behind me.


“Huh?” It was my turn to point over her shoulder “What’s up with the garden?”

Jess turned, with one eyebrow raised, which quickly dropped. The garden was overgrown, the grass about 6 foot tall. The shadows danced around and through out the grass and weeds. It could easily hide a- I stopped that train of thought, then thought, so what?


“Should we get that cut down?” Jess could see I was puzzling over something, then something clicked. “You don’t think…no…let’s sleep first, then check out the attic in the morning, once the sun is up.” Good old Jess, thinking ahead of me. I suppose I can’t call her ‘old’ if she is the same age as me.


We continued to explore our new home, chose our bedrooms – smart move to buy the furniture with the house. We started to unpack.


“Jenna!” Jess suddenly screamed. I leaned backwards, to see Jess frozen in the middle of the landing, as if she was stuck by an invisible wall. “Oh god…” She closed her eyes.


“Jess? Jess!” I was on my feet faster than humanly possible. Not even a second has passed and I was by her side.

Her eyes flew open. Her jaw dropped. My eyes widened, not in fear but amazement. Her dreams had been answered after all…

The End

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