Garlic And Stakes

Jenna and her best friend Jess finally move out of the orphange they have been living in for the past 10 years. What will happen when Jenna is "attacked" by an unknown family member?

Kind of a weak plot, but I'm in the process of updating it! I worte this a few years ago!

His eyes followed to where mine had fallen.


“Some superstitious human -“he turned and smiled wickedly at me “- attempted to shove that through my chest.”


I gulped. That didn’t explain the dark red stain -that looked like blood - on the ancient wooden stake, hanging precariously above an equally as ancient cross. My face must have given my discomfort away.


“Yeah, I turned his own weapon against him” he scoffed.


Mark had always seemed so gentle, but maybe that was because of me, a frail human compared to him.



16 year old Jenna doesn’t realise nor think about the danger, when she starts to track down her parents. What happens when the supernatural begins to interfere with fate?

The End

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