Chapter 3 - A dance with the devils-Mature

-THUD-    -THUD-   -THUD-

A loud series of knocks strikes the front door. 

Slowly opening my eyes, I notice the window on the ceiling. It no longer shines down the bright sunlight at me, but instead, the serene smile of the moon casts its luminosity into the room; dying everything in a cool shade of dark blue.

"Master Clarin...?" A small voice shyly asks behind the door. It is no one I recognized before.

I shift myself a bit. With my eyes heavy and groggy, I slowly scan around the room. It seems to be darker than before, yet not dark enough to be uncomfortable in. It's night time now. I must have fallen asleep. I shift my hand to support myself up to a sitting position. my head hangs down as I sluggishly regain myself.

I notice the rose lying disfigured on the floor. Its petals scattered beneath my feet.

Ah, I remember now. I fell asleep as I recalled the bitter memories of my people being abused. my eyebrows come together a little. I finally lift myself into a standing position. slowly moving along, I make my way out of the direct moonlight and into the base of the room. With a stern face, I take steps on the floor feeling nothing but emptiness and anger. 

Eventually, I reach the front door.

-THUD-   -THUD-    -THUD-

"Master Clari-...!" The voice comes to a complete halt as I yank the doors open.

A shy maid stands in front of me, her blonde hair tied behind a kerchief. She trembles in surprise as I stare her down with cold eyes.

"You woke me up." I say in a monotone voice.

"I... I'm sorry Master Clarin..!" The maid bows down in apology, careful not to further displease me.

It feels almost invigorating. A savage demon cowering before me. Hmph, as they should be, lest I decide to end them, I thought to myself.

"What do you want?"

"A-ah! the head mistresses wanted me to inform you that dinner is ready, ...sir!" The maid struggles to keep from stuttering.

"Master Clarin." I corrected her.

She shifts her head in embarrassment. She fails to even utter a word at this point. I suppose I've done enough damage.

"Alright, So where is it?" I ask her.

"O-oh...! I, uh...! Right this way, master Clarin! Please follow me...!" She gestures to a direction leading to the stairs.

"You mean, I have to walk to get to my food? Hmph... Fine... I guess I have no choice." I grunted.

Proceeding to the stairs, she meekly walks in shame as she hangs her head low. Keeping a straight posture, I follow her. We start walking through the stairs and into the corridors, passing some rooms and the busts that line them. My stomach grumbles. That's right, I haven't eaten anything today except for my breakfast. I feel a bit famished.

As we walk a little further, an enticing aroma fills my nose. It smells wonderfully delicious. I get a little uneasily hungry as I follow the shy maid around. My stomach grumbles a little more. As the aroma grows stronger, I can almost feel my mouth drooling. I admit, I'd rather not but I guess there's no choice except to eat the devils' food.

We come to a stop. A white door with golden patterns stand in front of us. The wonderful scent of food seeps from right behind the door, teasing and enticing me. The maid steps aside and bows down as she opens the door for me.

All of the sudden, all sorts of aromas come bursting out of the room. It was wonderful. As i take my steps into the room, I am greeted by a long table with a white tablecloth. A plate sits on one end of the table accompanied by knives, forks and spoons on both sides. To the corner sits a group of men and women holding instruments. They watch as I walk a little more into the room.

Lea and Ana stand to the left and right respectively behind of the seat with the plate. They smile at me as I make my way to them.

"Please, take your seat, Mr. Clarin." Lea says as she pulls the seat for me.

I take the seat. As she pushes the chair for me, Ana nods to the men and women with instruments. They immediately start playing a beautiful melody. Lea leans down to my ear and whispers.

"Your meal wil be served in a moment, Mr. Clarin."

Sitting with a stern face, I look down at the plate. This looks magnificent... the utensils are of high quality, and the plate is very clean. I lay my hand on the table. the way it makes a sound as my hand hits the table is quite familiar... I lift the tablecloth a little, and as I do, my eyes narrow in surprise.

I knew it. That's the signature Bolen pattern that Chris' mother implicate in her crafts. I guess they kept it as a trophy after they humiliated my people into submission. How sick and disgusting.

All of the sudden, a man comes bursting into the room. He's dressed in a white robe and a strange white hat. With an idiotic grin on his face, He carries a metal plate with what looks like meatloaf with him. A bunch of other similarly dressed people with the same idiotic grins on their faces swarm behind him.

"This is your meal for tonight, sire! It is our finest meatloaf meal made with nothing but the freshest ingredients, herbs, spices, and my specialty sweet sauce!" He explains to me gleefully.

I try to keep a stiff face. But I must admit, the food's aroma is mouthwatering. I try my hardest to keep a stern face while the rest of them sets my food down for me. With the melody filling the air, and the enticing aroma persuading me to devour the food in front of me, I take my knife and I cut a piece of meatloaf.

Moving it to my mouth, I chew on the piece of meat, savoring all of the goodness of fine, quality cuisine my mouth has ever tasted. I swallow my food. It feels like heaven. It's been quite a while since I've eaten anything beyond half edible.

I set my knife down a bit. It tastes like heaven, but why does it feel like hell? It almost hurts to continue eating the delicious food that the demons have prepared for me. But my humanity cries out and begs me to take another bite...

I cut another piece of the meatloaf. I feel a pinch in my heart as I play into the hands of the brutes.


The End

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