After freshening up my teeth, I turn around to reach for my door. I unintentionally step over my dirty clothes. Oh that's right, I didn't even ask for any spare clothes to use... How
careless of me. I move my foot away from the dirty "clothing".

I wrap the towel around my waist, seeing that I might have to search for something wearable myself.

No longer did I have to go than the slight push of the door, When I hear Lea's voice speak
from the other side. She speaks to me calmly through the crack of the door. Her voice seeping in like the cold morning air.

"I see you're finished, Mr. Clarin."

I shudder from the other side. I feel as though, she can almost see through the solid wood
right into me, which is not good. I wouldn't want her to see me like this...

"Yes... I.. I uh... need clothes..." i meekly told her.

with a short pause, she responds.

"A lonely man walks up to a mountain. for days there has been nothing but despair and
desolation along his path. He reaches the peak of it. At last, he's greeted by three of the
most beautiful things he's seen. The shining moon shimmering into the ocean, A lone tree who's leaves branch out enough to embrace anyone under it, and a patch of Sunflowers swaying about in the evening wind. Which one does he choose to visit?"

Not sure how to respond, I pause for a moment. Rubbing the back of my head, I answer.

"He walks towards the Moon."

Suddenly, a silk cloth pokes out through the door. Surprised, I move aside and open the door a little more, letting the rest of it in.

"Here, Mr. Clarin, these are your change of clothes." She says as she sticks her hand in with the silken robe.

I grab the silk cloth. It slides gracefully off of her hands, and I thank her awkwardly.


Still feeling confused about the whole situation, I hold up the silken robe in front of me.
From the looks of it, the robe was made from a fine silk material. Not the common cheap kind. It feels cool as I inch the cloth between my fingers, the smooth linings sliding between my fingers. Moreover, the robe is designed with intricate patterns of what looks like the moon hovering over the sea as the waves ripple about. Needless to say, it was beautiful.

After dropping the towel from my waist, I put the robe over me and slide my arms into the
sleeves. It feels so good on my body as I tie the sash in front of me. I then push the doors
all the way so I can get out of the bathroom.

I see Lea smiling in front of me.

"It looks magnificent on you, Mr. Clarin. Good choice."

The light from the outside reveals a Periwinkle silk robe as it shines on me. Indeed, it does
look magnificent.

I blush a little. Lea's smile is quite charming.

"Thank you..."

"Now, if you will follow me." She turns to her left and begins moving down the corridor once more.

I peep down into the lower level. They work fast. The footprints I left behind are no longer
there. I try to keep up with lea as she walks her pace through the palace.

Still though, I don't understand this... I'm a prisoner. Yet now I'm wearing Upper-class Silk
robes made from the finest materials, and treading inside the palace walls... Are they trying to play with me? What sick trickery is this, now? i don't understand it. I don't understand anything anymore... I repress my urge to ask. I stare at Lea's back as she guides me through the palace.

After sometime, we come to a series of teps leading down to a lower level. at the end of the
steps is a corridor lined with busts just like the ones from before. both ends of the corridor
stops at their respective doors. What's interesting though, is thart there's nothing in this
corridor except for a single door.

We walk towards the lone door in the middle of the corridor. curiously, I peek over to it. Lea comes to a complete stop.She moves aside, making way for me to pass.

"Mr. Clarin, this is your room." She says as she gestures her hand towards it.

"What...? My room? what do you mean? wait, is this the Jail cell? I don;t see any bars...
What's going on here...?"

Lea lets out a small chuckle. she then gracefully turns around and proceeded back to the
steps. She pauses right before she goes up the stairs.

"Please, if you need anything, Don't hesitate to ask."

With that, she continues to walk up the steps. her raven hair behind her disappearing a moment after. I blush a little. She's very beautiful. Impure thoughts start to flood my mind...

I shake my head off, This is no time to be thinking about that now! I hang my head down a
little in embarassment of my own actions. But setting all of that aside, I'm still confused
about everything. Why am I being treated like royalty? Prisoners are supposed to be shackled and restrained, not pampered...

I sigh as I give up on understanding the whole situation. I go ahead and push the door by its handles.

As I slowly open it, the room reveals itself to me. Soft looking chairs and couches decorate the base of the floor. to the left is a small table covered by a white tablecloth. a short set of stairs go up from the base. and into a smaller area. above the ceiling is what seems like a window that serves as a source of light. It beams down sunlight from the outside and into the room. Two book cases lined with neatly arranged books sit on both sides of what seems to be a round red bed.

I pause a bit. My face turns red once again...

There's a beautiful woman sitting on the top of the bed...

The End

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