My mind flew all of the sudden. I asked him once more. Hearing it one time is too surreal to believe.

"Wait... I'm free? What... What do you mean...? You're letting me out of here?"

He lets out a small chuckle.

"Well... Not really... You're being set free from this dungeon to something better, sport. Something WAY better."

Oh so he lied after all. I'm being set out of the dungeon to another place. They're probably thinking of putting me in a newer prison they built. Oh well, at least I'll be with other prisoners if I'm lucky. It's way better to be imprisoned and have at least someone to talk to than be locked up by myself and spend days and days of mental torture trying to pass the day with nothing to do.

"Heh, I knew it.... You make me sick..." I reply to him scornfully.

"I bet you enjoy playing with my head, don't you? Does it make you happy knowing that you're having fun mentally torturing others? Oh wait, that's the point isn't it?"

"Look, kiddo..." He tells me.

"I'm not the one making all the decisions around here. I'm merely someone who's assigned to make sure that the prisoners here gets taken care of. Besides, I think you'll like it where they're taking you."

He grabs my arm and lifts me up dragging me into the air. I struggled to get on my feet. My knees were weak and seems like it can't hold the weight of my upper body. They haven't seen any use  at all, so I guess it's only natural to feel this way. But then again, There's not much to endure seeing that I am quite frail at my current state.

"Careful now, sport. The path is a lil' bit rugged so it's easy to trip over."

Wtih every step I take I feel as if my body will crumble. The gravels feels like sharp needles piercing my feet. We keep walking for a good long while until suddenly, he stops and lets go of my arm. His metal keys hit each other and make sharp noises that echoes throughout the dungeon. A small light peeks through what seems like a keyhole. My caretaker inserts a metal key into the hole and turns it. It makes a rattling noise and with a shove, he opens the wooden door.

Orange light shines before me. For the first time in a long time, I see bright light. I see something else other than the cruel darkness. I stand outside my dungeon entrance in awe as the flickering torch illuminates a pathway that leads to two separate ways. To the right appears to be a narrow path that leads to other dungeon doors; and to the left, a stairway that leads to the upper floor. The pathways are made with concrete blocks so they look decent, as opposed to my dungeon which bears rocks and gravels that looks like simple a dirt hole dug for the unfortunate souls trapped inside it.

"This way, sport." He says as he swings his head to the left.

For the first time as well, I am able to see my caretaker's face. His face is that of a man around his mid-forties, and gray facial hair around his mouth stretching to his chin and to his jawline. His hair, also the color gray, is ruffled and messy just like Chris. His stature is that of an old, but fit man; and on his shoulders rests a green cloth that seems to serve as a cape of some sort.

His keyring made sounds as we stepped closer to the stairway and on it. as we reached the end of the short stairway, he lifts up the door blocking our advancement. With one last look, I glance at my dungeon door and whisper farewell to it. That's one friend I am glad not to see again.

 My caretaker slowly climbs up the second floor and puts his hand out to help me get there. With all of my poor strength, I forced myself up to the second floor. Though almost half dead, I manage to plop belly-up on the wooden floor. I breathe quick breaths as I try to regain my strength to stand up once more. The smooth wooden floor feels good on my hands. I slowly slide my palms across the floor, feeling the smooth surface. It feels like heaven to touch after spending time in a rough, rocky dungeon.

My caretaker lets out an amused laugh.

"Heheheh, c'mon now kiddo, you can't be beat yet! That was merely the stairs, boy! Back when I was your age, why I would climb two mountains in a single day! Ahahhaha!"

Shakily picking myself up,  I stare at him with a frown on my face to show that I am not enjoying his sentiments. Past him though, a huge mirror hangs on the wall. The mirror reflects my image and I see myself. After spending such a long time in the dungeon, I could hardly recognize myself. My face is skinny, and so are my limbs.; My face has a light mustache and stubble growing and my clothes are stained with dirt which now looks like rags. I stand there staring at my own reflection for quite some time. I wonder: If Terell would see me now, would he think I'm attractive? Probably not.

My caretaker stands behind me. He talks to me as I stare at my own reflection.

"Y'know sport, even with yer' rugged getup, dem eyes don't lie. Y'really got a nice face, y'know? I bet dem guys and girls chased after ya back before all this happened, huh?" He says with his gruff voice.

"Nah... And even if they did, It wouldn't really matter, because the one person who I want in the whole world can't be together with me..." I say as I look down on my feet.

"Ah I see... Tough one kiddo, but y'know, there's always someone out there for ya! I mean, It might not be the one you always wanted, but I'm pretty sure he or she is gonna come by."

He walks away to the wooden door behind him. He looks back at me, and I turn around to face him. The glowing fire by the fireplace touches my skin with it's warmth. The light flickers and the fire crackles as the firewood burns in it. Somehow it reminds me of the cold times Chris, Terell, and I spent inside Chris' grandfather's house; and how he used to serve us hot cocoa as we sat around the fireplace making shadow puppets. 

He opens the door and gestures for me to follow him. The next room reveals a long wooden table. The window casts a soft light on the table as we move around it. I quickly examine the  the room. Farther down the other end of the table is a small coffee table with newspaper of some sort. Behind it is a long couch that sits perpendicualrly to two armchairs. It seems like those chairs have not seen some use in quite a long time.

My care taker opens another door. He looks at me as fog fills the inside of the building.

"Are you ready, sport?" he asks me.

I nod in agreement. He cuffs my hands together with thinner, less tighter handcuffs. I stare at my wrists as he does so and I notice  my cuff marks from the previous dungeon restraints. The new cuffs only cover about half of what the old ones did. As he locks them on, he begins speaking to me again.

"Dun' worry sport, this is just to ensure that you won't run off on me."

He lets out a small laugh.

Finally, He begins walking towards the doorway. He drags me along by my cuff chains.

I wonder If my new prison will be better?Will there be other prisoners there too? Will it at least be cleaner than my dungeon cell? An array of questions dart through my head as I walk behind my caretaker through the foggy lands.

Whatever it is, surely it can't be worse than hell.


The End

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