When you've been in a lifeless place for such a long time, it's only natural for you to crave attention. Sometimes, you would even hallucinate. I won't lie, I admit I sometimes hear people from my past talk to me. I know that no one else could have been in this dump, else they would have screamed the first time they were thrown back in this dungeon.

I childishly shake my arms weakly to make my chains clink together.

-Clink Clink-

My chains make a ringing sound which I imagined to be the choir of children who sang christmas carols outside of town even on a cold snowy day.

-Clink- -Clink-

Among those dedicated individuals was Chris. Christopher Bolen was his full name, but nobody wants to call him by that. Terell and I especially disliked it. We simply called him "Chris" to shorten his long first name.

Chris you could say, is our best friend. When the diner is closed, and we were allowed to run out and play, Terell and I would often run to the town where most of the elderly would wave their walking canes behind us as we accidentally bump into them. To get to town, the rocky path that mountain hikers take is where we usually go through. However, during the times when it's cold, the rocks on the path usually becomes slippery with ice so the bridge that leads to the other side of the mountain is a necessary detour for us.

That's how we met Chris. Chris' parents worked as cabinet makers. His mother was very skilled at designing intricate patterns, while his father excelled in making furnitures in general. His father made a variety of furnitures such as chairs, beds, cabinets, drawers, tables, you name it. And his mother would carve out her designs on the edges or on the face of the furniture itself. Together, they made wonderful furnitures. So good that one time the royal family requested hired them to make furnitures for them for a whole year. The royal family in turn, paid them with money as well as a small chunk of land.

With the land and the money, Chris' grandfather was able to make a home in the woods at the other side of our mountainside. The bridge connected to that side, so when we used it, we often saw Chris' grandfather working on cutting the trees in the woods

One day, while we were sent out to buy supplies for the diner, we came across Chris working with his grandfather. We said hi and introduced ourselves.

"Oh, why if it isn't the two brothers from the diner nextdoor." Mr. Bolen happily acknowledged.

"Good morning Mr. Bolen, we were just picking up our weekly supplies for the diner." I said .
"Ah, yes of course! Busier than ever huh, little ones? Good, good.."

"By the way..." Mr. Bolen continued as he helps little Christopher pick up the heavy axe.

"This is my grandson, Christopher. He's been helping me cut wood for his parents you know, He's my new lumberjack apprentice he he he..."

Chris shyly took a glance at us. The young boy raised his axe and hit the piece of wood thats vertically set on top of a tree stump. Terell flinched as the metal tip hits the stump and made a sharp sound.

As a kid, Chris was always a very plump one. We'd tease him sometimes and tell him that if he stood on a pile of snow, it would crumble beneath him. Chris was sensitive about his weight you see, but when it came to us, he really didn't mind it and just laughs it off. Chris had dark brown hair like mine. But unlike me, he likes to mess it up around while I like to keep mine short and buzzed. Chris, you could say is a shy guy who'd open up to only a few people.
I feel honored that I got to be friends with such a great person.

I chuckle a little. Remembering my friends help ease a bit of boredom in this pit of misery.

I try to remember more of our times together. An image of the three of us appears one autumn afternoon. We were a bit older this time. I sat on a rock while Terell and Chris played around in the woods scattering leaves about after they jump on a pile of them. It was a pretty happy scene. I remember Terell laughing. His golden strings of hair floating in the air as his head pops from behind the pile of maple leaves. He's not a bit less frail than before but now, definitely a bit taller. He still kept his very innocent face though which is why I am still in love with him until now.

Chris on the other hand, went through a series of changes. His figure became less plump and more manly. He even grew a bit of facial hair right around his jawline. I guess all that wood chopping turned him into a very muscular man. Sometimes, I get jealous of his physique. I do have quite the manly figure but not as good has his.

-Clink Clink-

I shake my chains again. The sound echoes in the lifeless void. This time, It sounded like Terell's laughter. The damp air reminds me of misty meadows after the rain.

I remember how I chased Terell around in the wet meadow. With each step, sprinkles of water flew in the air. As we ran from each other, laughter resounds throughout the mountain. We didn't care though. We were happy for the moment and that's what truly mattered. To me though, more importantly, being with Terell and seeing him laughing is it's own reward.

My memory is disrupted by my creaking cell door. It must be feeding time again. I shift my body once more to prepare myself for my meal. The small light creeps in to say "hello" to me once more.  As my caretaker's footsteps grows closer, the echo becomes stronger and stronger. The sound stops right beside me.

I waited a few minutes for my metal tray to sound, so I can search for it with my hands.

...But nothing. The metal tray made no sound. In fact out of the usual, Instead of my food tray, I hear my caretaker's voice.

"Heya sport, how are ya' feelin' t'day?" he says with a cheerful tone.

"Miserable. Like everyday in this hell hole." I replied with a flat voice.

He lets out a chuckle. Gravels crunch as he walk a few steps to change his position.

"Just give me my meal for the day and get over with it. I don't  want to be mocked by your antics."

Of course I didn't mean it wholeheartedly. I like having someone to talk to. But my pride refuses to give in to the torment.

"Aw, dun' be like that sport!" He says as if talking to a child.

"..After all..."

"You are going free today..." he continued.

I feel his hand on my wrist as he unlocks the cuffs.

What...? Wait... I'm being freed? I'm being set FREE?

My chains rattle once again as the cuff comes clean off. I can't believe what I'm hearing... I'm being set free from this place.


The metal cuffs make a sharp sound as they hit the ground.

Maybe there is still hope left for me.


The End

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