Chapter 1: DarknessMature

A lone prisoner wakes up to another day of darkness, cold and loneliness. Fate decided to test his endurance. Will it get paid off?

I wake up. Another day of cold and loneliness. The darkness greets my eyes as I open them. What's the difference anyways? Even if I DO open my eyes, I don't see anything but darkness anyways. As I move my back from the rock i had been resting it on, the chains on my shackles sing.

-clink clink-

Even the sound of my own imprisonment is candy to the ear. In this dark void of torture, I find a slight shred of sanity from the dancing metal chains. I'm surprised I even have any. A normal individual would have lost his mind after going through who-knows-how-long in this damp cave.

I close my eyes. I try to remember the days back when everything was fine. I was happy... The bright sunlight lightly touches my face, and the soft breeze caresses my cheeks. Ah.. yes I remember now....

" Raffy! Hey Raffy, look what I was finally able to make!"
Terell runs across from the other side of the meadow. He holds a plate of food or some sort. With his frail body, it almost seemed like he was to fall on his face and stumble across the blades of grass.
"Oh...! Terell! Wait, don't run! A lot of rocks are hard to see from here, you know! You might trip!" I yelled across the grasslands.

With his light skin, and adorable face, he looked like an angel sent down from heaven. I sat up cautiously, and watched him as he finally slowed down to a halt in front of my feet. The leaves on the laurel tree I sat under blanketed his skin with it's shadow and a boy with rosy cheeks stood over me excitedly holding a food container as he breathed hard to catch his breath.

He sat beside me under the tree where i paused my book reading. He puts the food container on his lap. Dapples of sunlight appear on the floral decorated container.

"Mom finally had the time to teach me how to make her famous assortment pack!"
Terell exclaimed as he finished catching up to his breath. He holds the top handle of the container and pulled off the lid.

"Ta-daaa!" He shouts out proudly while flashing me a grin that would make a zipper cry in shame.

Different assortments of seafood, cooked chicken, beef and pork are lined up on a red colored bottom of the container. They were cushioned on rice and sprinkled with green herbs and some other seasoning. The display was simply mouthwatering. I always loved auntie's cooking and the assortment pack was just my favorite. He holds up the container and gestures for me to try one. I picked up my favorite one, the beef with sweet sauce.

"Mmmmm...nn..." I chewed on the piece of delicacy and the flavor bursted in my mouth! Terell perfectly captured aunt Gertrude's cooking! I never knew he had this kind of talent.

 "Well?" Terell asks me as he patiently waits for my answer. His eyes as big as apples it was such a sight to see...

I've always had feelings for Terell... Even before when we were kids. I always felt something different for him... More than a friend or a brother. I stayed with aunt Gertrude and grew up with her family my whole childhood. Aunt Gertrude was like a mother to me. No, I thought of her as my actual mother more than my real one. Aunt Gertrude explained to me how my father died serving as one of the country's footsoldiers, and how my mother eventually lost her mind after she gave birth to me. Terell was like my brother. we did everything together. We ate and slept together. We played together. We went to the same school. We practically grew up and survived together just by pitching in aunt Gertrude's small diner. But I always felt.... I always felt like I wanted to be something more than friends with him. Of course I could not tell him. I don't want to destroy the closeness that we have with each other. The years of bonding and sharing stories, and laughing with him. I don't want to lose him, so I kept my feelings hidden from plain sight. I learned to watch him from the sides and admire his beautiful smile that I could never have.

I cracked a small smile on my face.

"It tastes so good Terell... Just like auntie... You really are something aren't you?" I told him ressuringly.

His face brightened up. He looked down at the assortment of rice chunks. With a slightly lonely tone, he spoke to me.

"You know you don't have to do that...."

"Huh? do what...?"  I asked with a puzzled face.

"You don't have to call her auntie you know.... We practically grew up together... Mom is practically YOUR mother too..."  He explains to me.

"And I'm practically your brother too..."  He continued.

I couldn't stand it anymore. I hate how much it hurts... How much it hurts to keep my feelings surpressed. It feels like I'm being burned alive from the inside-out.

With a gentle move, I let my hand slide on top of his. With all my courage, I mustered up the strength to tell him how i feel. I swallowed a lump in my throat and faced him.

" Terell...."


"Terell, I need to tell you something..."  I looked him in the eyes. His innocent face reflecting on mine.

"Terell, I've always felt that... I've always felt that I wanted to be more than just a brother to you..."


"W-What do you mean...?"  He glanced at my hand laying on top of his own on the grass. His face reddened as he slowly looked up to me.

"Terell, I don't care anymore... I always felt like I had feelings for you from the start.... ever since we were kids.... Terell, I..."


"Terell, I LOVE you!"


"I don't care anymore what anyone thinks.... Terell I'm in love with you...."




I wake up from my foolish daydreaming. The drops of water above wet my face and I get knocked back into the real world. The breeze, warm sunlight, and the vision of Terell disappears in an instant. The cruel darkness greets me again with it's ugly mocking face.
I am alone again. I move back a little and my cuff chains sing again. Ah, another day in hell.


The End

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