Garbage Utopia Chapter One-Snikpoh

It's about a mentally ill psychic futuristic homeless person. Pretty out there stuff. Hope you like it. And have mercy, I'm 12.

AA T ¶     Call me ymereJ. I am but a normal psycho. I live in a house of cardboard in the constant pouring rain and war of the modern murderous monotonous world. It is cold and it is damp and dark and dirty in my cardboard house. However most importantly I am safe...but for how long? As the outside world destroys itself with their poisonous green shreds of paper my small cardboard home still stands and the monsters from outside take no notice...I lead a simple life as a scavenger of lost truth and meaning, digging through the dirt and mystery to uncover the secret of rebirth and eternal daily tasks include discovering and consuming discarded food, considering the future, dreaming of the long forgotten past, and recording my findings in my little pink notepad...I plan to discover time-travel...I recently realized I am being hunted...the whispering men with the pale ugly faces wish to dispose of me before I can discover the secret of time travel rebirth and eternal life...they look to spread their disease I was informed in a dream and they want to dispose of me...they have come with radical new ideas and they can shapeshift and the outsiders love them...they are on the screens everywhere...they can not be censored and they can not be stopped...unless I can end their rampage of SELL SELL SELL and evil and destruction somehow...but for now there are more important tasks at hand. I never thought I'd say it, but I must leave my loving comfortable home...oh, how I'll miss you. I have seen my demise inside my noggin so I have to say goodbye tonight and leave in the afternoon on the tomorrow day...I have been with you for longer than I can remember oh my home...I will miss you...and on the next day I shall see the hideous face of mankind for the first time since forever and ever and...perhaps I might tell you of my past. God created me in the beginning of time and watched my spirit shrivel and die like watching a mouse in a neverending maze lose it's direction and starve to death just inches away from a juicy hunk of cheese, the answer to it's hunger and perhaps there is and answer to my hunger for my first memory I am in the graveyard of consumers surrounded by hot topics of the past...the monsters find something to amuse their small minds for a day or two and then toss it into oblivion and move on to the next hot topic. Their meaningless waste piles up to the skies and they can't find any place to put it so as of late that particular seemingly endless wasteland of yesterday is now out of business...lately the buried waste has started turning up the heat for reasons unknown and might say, make the once welcoming world unhabitable, if you care to stretch the imagination and take a mind-picture of such a wild thing...and the monsters can't help but imagine maybe their garbage utopia won't be so grand...they must think the unthinkable that maybe, just maybe, they might have to pay the high price of wastefulness...and until recently I thought I would be safe from them in my home but now the ugly men want to dispose of me...anywho, I'll just push onwards to ideally, a somewhat safe place. But it's never ideal is it? The garbage utopia has become an inferno of society's mistakes...and I vainly continue searching for perhaps an answer to the many problems of myself and the monsters my home I have only a little razor, my myriad of myserious literature and a bag of my food. I don't need screens...I don't need little toys...I don't need big fat swanky greasy grub...I don't need medication to fix my brain and make me a brand new man...I don't need a therapist and self help...I see the many horrors through the tiny window in my home...the window sees all...I have to flee now...yes, I'm aware I'm insane...

The End

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