Garbage Utopia Chapter 2: Pale Man


Call me pale man. I am a hunter. I have been selected by whatever to complete the distingiuished task of disposing of  ymereJ snikpoH. I know exactly what I must do and I see what is to come and I can promise you that I know what you're thinking. My place of employment is a secret (to be whispered among those worthy of that knowledge) but snikpoH's demise is essential to our success. What we do is secret and what we are going to do is absolutely secret. The secret of time travel is looming on the dark horizon and it will most definetly foil our plans. I guess you could say I am the villain but with all my omnipotence I am but a pawn in a much grander game. My place of business is known and loved by all and that is the key to our success. I see the target(being SnikpoH)'s thoughts and I know he knows what I know and I know he is close to uncovering our secret, time travel(a relic lost in the neverending wormhole of time and space for generations and if all goes as planned generations to come). I appear non-threatening in my white cotton business suit and red tie and I carry with me everywhere I go a suitcase, its contents unknown to all but me, including even my superiors and brothers of business. From the cold metal gates of my place of business in the middle of somewhere I hitchhiked from city to pretty bright city in search of my target. As I stepped into a relatively empty subway I gathered my thoughts and set down my suitcase. The cold metallic wind blew discarded newspapers over the grey tiles and shredded them into nothing. As the fleeting papers blew past my eyes one stopped long enough for me to catch a glimpse of the headlines. It was the usual pessimism about the raising temperature and worrying and all that. They seem to pretend they know everything and know the answer to the question of life. Pisses me off frankly. My eyes darted to the lovely advertisments about how good something tastes and how pretty something else looks on your spouse or perhaps someone else's spouse and they advertise about the new contraptions with the power to see the whole world from pretty cities to third world countries. But who would want to think about ugly old third world countries? That made me think of my company's business in India and Africa, countries with bizarre religions and far too much dirt. I thought about the filthy workers working away at their machines making garments and candy and toys for the kiddies and screens and discs for the grown-ups. I thought hard about what else these queer looking people are good for but I was puzzled. All this thinking about dirty things in dirty poor countries was making me sick so I popped open a can of bubbly sweet elixir and tasted the magic and felt much better. As a gust of icy foul-smelling wind emerged from the tunnel and blew my thin gray hair about, I picked up my suitcase and prepared to walk through the mechanical doors. I sat down on a hard seat and was immediately by flashy advertisments as well as an unwashed trio of young thugs, armed with knives and pistols. I saw this not as something to hinder my progress but as an opportunity to test my product. A limp bony arm was thrust in my face just as I took a death grip on it, opened my black suitcase and retrieved a large needle filled with my company's brand spanking new product and buried it deep in a juicy blue vein. I watched the foul rusty substance head to his brain as the humanity left his eyes and he was momentarily overtaken with an intense feeling of euphoria. His face became pale and robotic as the product transformed him into a happily medicated proper citizcen. With the sight of their comrade becoming part of the system the other two fled. The effects of this product are akin to a sugar rush. You feel the drug take over your brain making you happy and obedient briefly. Then, the cheery, gleeful section of your new life comes to a close as the huge side effect takes it's toll. Your immune system completely loses function, leaving your body vulnerable to any kind of disease. Shortly after, you experience extreme dementia as vital sections of your brain shut down. However something that remains mysterious even to the scientists who created this product is the peculiar black discharge that begins to emerge from your ears and nose by the sixth month of use. We plan to advertise our new invention as “medication for eternal happiness”. I myself can't say I completely agree with the sale of such a dangerous thing, but some sacrifices must be made. After all, I have forseen the huge sales in my mind. I see what is to come and I can promise you that I know what you're thinking.
The End

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