Gantz: Second ChancesMature

She knew her brother kept a lot of secrets; it was his way of always protecting her. However, she'd soon find out that this was the understatement of the century. Very few knew the circumstances behind his death, and her obsession with finding the truth, may very well lead to one of universe's most darkest secrets. Aliens do exist, and her and her team would fight to remedy that. Atleast that was the theory anyways.

Second Chances


"Dead End Luck"

Everything had gone according to plan. However, death, was never known to follow a plan of any kind. If you somehow lived to tell the tale, you earned the right to gloat or to be thankful. Unlike the rest , you were the one that cheated death. Be it fate or dumb luck, you were still here. Each breath of air was exhilarating, and the next drink of water was that much more refreshing. You noticed things that you once hadn't, and cherished loved ones more than ever before. You lived for the moment, because when the stakes were high with your life on the line, the gamble was in your favor. You earned your reward. You earned the right to be given another chance -a second chance.

The sky was crying, and those tears pelted down with no remorse. Perhaps he was crying too. If so, it was hard to tell. Thoughts were racing a mile a minute, and it was hard to think straight. It was hard to differentiate a tear from a rain drop. Maybe it was best to lie down for a moment. He was so tired.

One misstep, followed by a splash and he was lying facedown in a puddle. "So c-cold."

The puddle was getting redder by the minute, staining the ground with his precious life stream. Not far away, a bronze coin twirled on its side. The face side of the Sacagawea coin revealed itself, mocking his pain and suffering. "W-what are you s-smiling at?" He lunged for it, wincing at the effort it took to perform a simple task. He sighed, holding it in his grasp.

"Heads, you hide. Tails, we both hide."

His fist hit the puddle, splashing it repeatedly. "D-Damn it, Damn it!" He cried out, tossing the coin out into the alley. The blood stained coin clinked and clattered, disappearing into a sewer drain.

Panic set in once again. Wet footsteps could be heard in the distance. Something inside told him to run, but he was tired of running. There hadn't been a point to it anymore. It was better just to lie still -he wasn't running anymore.

"Hey, buddy."

He turned over to see who had discovered him. The man almost sounded friendly, but after recognizing who it was he knew better than to trust this man. Even as the man in the pin-striped suit held an umbrella over his soaking wet form, little was done to thank him for the gesture.

"Miles." A chuckle escaped his lips. "You don't look so hot."

"G-go to hell."

He smiled watching him clutching at his side, coughing up what appeared to be blood. "I'm sorry, I didn't get that." Leaning in close, he feigned interest. "Come again?"

His answer was a thick wad of mucous and blood that barely missed the man. He frowned at Miles and his trademark grin. The umbrella was dropped and his pistol was drawn. He hated that look. It was the look of a man on the verge of death, with nothing more to lose, but a heck of a lot more to gain.

"I never liked saying I told you so, but you knew this would happen Miles…" The pistol gave a reassuring click, indicating the chamber was live and loaded. "You can't keep cheating death, boy…and I assume you knew this fairytale would one day end." With the pistol aimed at Miles' sternum, the man's smile faded. "However, it doesn't have to end this way." His shoes clicked off of the wet pavement as he circled around him, aiming and still poised to kill. "I can have an ambulance here within minutes, and all you have to do is cooperate -just like old times."


"YES, I want it ALL back. Every stinking penny; it all belongs to me!"

"T-the money?" Miles snorted. "You'll never f-find it." It hurt to laugh, and even as blood drew forth from his lips, laughter ensued. "You'll keep searching, a-and searching, b-but you'll never find it. You'll NEVER find it!"


The bullets hammered into Miles' chest, ceasing all laughter quite abruptly.

"You think you can make a fool out of me?" Another shot was fired, and another right after. "Nobody makes a fool out of me!" He grabbed and tugged at Miles by his red locks of hair, determined to literally catch him before he left this world. "You listen to me when I'm talking to you -You little piece of shit!" He bellowed, ignoring Miles' coughing and wheezing. "I made you…and I'm going to do whatever it takes. Your family, your friends…Dead! You hear me?Dead!"

Perhaps, he could no longer hear him. With blood pouring profusely from his mouth, his freckled cheeks only rose, baring a sharp toothy grin. Even as this man continued to shake him and shout obscenities, his red eyes remained focused on the sky. It had stopped raining and the sun was peeking out from behind a cloud. It burned, but he welcomed it. At first he had doubts, but this was how it was all supposed to end -this was fate.

The End

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